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    Visual Representation

    Name: Rob Rage

    The Best of British, The All Around Best, Double R

    Bicester, England.

    Height: Six Foot Two

    : 238lbs


    Ring style: Very techincal grappler, utilising a lot of suplexes and throws and other traditional wrestling moves. Think Douglas Williams meets Michael Elgin.

    Finishing Move: "Rage Bomb" (Fisherman's Powerbomb)

    Signature Moves: Jawbreaker (Discus Knee Strike), Double R Spinebuster (Spinning Spinebuster), Lariat, Side Slam Backbreaker, British Uppercut (Jumping European Uppercut to and opponent position on the top rope) often followed by a Super Double R Suplex (Super Double Underhook Suplex), Double R Suplex (Double Underhook Suplex), British Suplex (Hammerlock Suplex)

    Theme tune

    Promotions worked for (EFeds)

    BITW Won/Loss/Draw record: 0/0/0

    Titles in EFeds held:

    HWA Universal Championship (15/1/12 - 13/5/12)
    HWA Midcarder of the Year 2011
    HWA Supremacy Champion (20/11/12) (Retired)
    JBW Underground Champion (20/11/12 - Now)
    IWA Insane Asylum Winner 2012

    Twitter account: @BoBRobRage

    Groups/Tags: The Super Resistance (with The Alpha Dog, Malcolm Cage, Conner Chaos, LRB, The Nasty Boys, The Sandman, Ma$$Dinero & Psycho Siaki), Apocalypse UK (with Conner Chaos)


    Bio (before eFeds): Born in Bicester UK, Rob was never meant to be a wrestler. His parents had never watched it, his siblings had never watched it, why should he. Somehow though, he managed to get exposed to it by watching it behind his parents backs over the internet, and from the first match, which incidently was Shawn Michaels' last, he was absolutely hooked. Before long, his whole life revolved around the sport, or "crap" as his parents called it.

    He got educated at the Royal Latin Grammar School, receiving great grades and looked set to move onto university and take the tried and tested route to econic sucess. However, to his parents dispaire, he didn't. He didn't go to University, he didn't get a "proper job" and he didn't follow the path layed out for him. Instead he signed up at "Oldschool Wrestling Academy" under the tutalage of Mark Exley, looking to pursue his dream.

    He worked his way up the UK indy scene, scratching and clawing his way up from a complete unknown to one of the biggest names on the cicuit. On his way he got the reputation as a bit of a hothead, there's a reason he's called Rage, but also won the respect and love of the fans with his amazing moves and unstoppable heart.

    Then in 2011, he got a career making contract offer from JBW, and didn't think twice about leaving everything behind in the UK, and heading over to the big leagues. He's now arrived, and is looking to carve out his own legacy. Hopefully his gamble will pay off.

    Bio (In eFeds): To come
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    "The Best of British" Rob Rage

    HWA Midcarder of the Year 2011
    Longest Reigning HWA Universal Champion Ever
    EWA, HWA, AWF, JBW, IWA & BitW Legend
    Real HWA Supremacy World Champion
    IWA Insane Asylum Winner 2012
    First Ever JBW Underground Champion
    EWN Midcarder of the Year 2012
    EWN Promo of the Year 2012

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    Visual Representation:


    "Southern Wizard"; "The Living Pilgrim" "Modern Day Mayflower"

    Plymouth; England

    5 feet 11 inches



    Ring Style:
    Similar to Tyson Kidd's and Daniel Bryan's. High Flying/Technical with brawling aspects

    Finishing Moves:
    The Mayflower (Repeated knees to the head); Southern Impact (Fisherman's Neckbraker); Bam-Lock (Guillotine Choke)

    Signature Moves:
    Moonsault; The Souvenir; Missile Dropkick

    Other Moves:
    Repeated jabs to the stomach; European Uppercut immediately followed by a neckbraker; Springboard Lou Therez Press; Vertebraker; Snapmare into a dragon sleeper; Dusty Rhodes' repeated elbows

    Theme Tune and Video:

    Promotions Worked For (eFeds):
    Best in the World

    BITW Won/Loss/Draw record:

    Titles in EFeds held: [BITW] None

    Twitter account: @BaBam

    Groups/Tags: [BITW] None


    Bio: To be included at a later date

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    Name: Leonard Ray Beauregard

    Alias: The Redneck Wreckin' Machine

    Hometown: Hickory Flat, MS

    Height: 6'2

    Weight: 220 Lbs.

    Alignment: Heel or Tweener

    Ring Style: Technical/Submission/Brawler

    Finisher: The Dixie Drop (Devil Lock DDT)
    Trailer Hitch (AT Lock)

    Other Moves: Boxing style strikes, suplex variations, works the arm heavily, springboard back elbow, senton bomb

    Entrance Music:

    Other Promotions: JBW (Jay Bee Dubya)

    Titles Held: JBW Southern Heavyweight Championship

    Bio: Story: Born and raised in the country of the Dirty South he was raised hating city life believing city folk to be weak and having no ethics. Mama and Daddy told him that whatever he does be the best at it and don't let nothing stop you. Taking that to heart he first started training with southern icon Jerry Lawler before moving to Canada to complete his training with Lance Storm. After that he has plyed his trade all over the world competing in Japan, Mexico, and various federations around the US. Finally landing in Best In The World, will he be able to prove to the world and to himself that the south has truly risen again?
    Quote Originally Posted by KJ PUNK View Post
    I'll third that. Angelina looks like a heroin addict. Her skin is more leathery than Hogans.
    Quote Originally Posted by Poot-Hair View Post
    I've said it before and I'll say it again; Instead of Chyna concentrating on getting back into wrestling she needs to concentrate on getting that 8 inch she-bean that she has hanging between her legs removed...

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    Visual Representation:

    Name: Brock Edwards

    Alias': The Next Big Thing, The Perfect Heel, Path of Destruction, No Days Off, The Ass Kicker

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Height: 6' 3"

    : 266 lbs.

    Heel/Face (tweeners, you either act like a heel, or a face. How the fans react to you is up to the writers lol.) SuperHeel.

    Ring style: MMA/UFC Style

    Finishing Move: The Next (F-5), I Am Winning This Match and You Are My Pray (Shell Shock), You're A Loser (Spear)

    Signature Moves:Signatures (3): Kimura Lock, German Suplex, and Double or Triple Powerbombs

    Other moves:
    Clothesline Shoulderblocks Bulldog Belly-To-Belly Dropkick from the top rope BearHug Elbow Shots to the Forehead Headbutt Scoop Powerslam Big Boot

    Theme tune and video

    Three Days Grace: Riot

    Promotions worked for (EFeds)

    BITW Won/Loss/Draw record: 0/0/0

    Titles in EFeds held: None.

    Twitter account: @BrockEdwards

    Groups/Tags: [In IWA] Matt Ryder/Brock Edwards


    An Ass-Kicker. Doesn't care who you are or what you stand. Brock has only one mission. That mission is to get to the top of the mountain. Anyone caught standing in his way will go through hell. He is no other goal, but be the the top guy. So, it's better to stay out of his way. He also thinks that he is the number 1 professional wrestler in the world. Which makes him think that everyone is a target, so he can maintain his spot. And that also makes him work out more than normal. He just simply has a thrive for the glory of the top.

    The reason he is such intense is due to his father. At a young age Brock's dad enrolled him into a MMA school. He was at the top of the food chain in there. His trainer actually said once that Brock was truly gifted with something. Brock then decided that MMA wasn't his thing. So, he told his father that he would rather destroy the competition in wrestling. However, Edwards's dad was unhappy with his decision to go into pro wrestling. Despite his dad's approval, Brock still went out of his way and follow his dream of wrestling. He doesn't care what it will take to win. The top is the thing he cares about and no one's else's approval of his actions.

    He used to work in the promotion of ICW, but later it closed down it doors. Soon after, SRW opened up its door and accepted. However, it also closed down its doors, but Brock was still got payed an unknown amount of money. It is said he might have enough money for the rest of his life. Quickly after SRW shut down, IWA opened up. However, unlike the other promotions Brock had to not been granted a contract immediately. So, Brock showed up to shows unannounced and threaten wrestlers and management. However, IWA owner (now newly named Daniel May) allowed Brock to compete in IWA's first PPV. His scheduled opponent was to be Oscar Layman. However, before the match started Brock attacked Oscar. Daniel May then had a second planned which turned out to be Matt Ryder. Instead of competing Matt laid for Brock after a finger poke of death. After, Brock won the match he received a ironclad contract.

    Now, he is here in BITW to show why he is the BEST IN THE WORLD!

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    Visual Representation:

    Name: Spencer Churchill

    The Greatest Briton

    Birmingham, UK

    Height: 6' 7''

    : 252 lbs

    Heel/Face: Heel

    Ring style: Mixture of Wade Barrett and Undertaker power moves and hits, with some William Regal illegal moves

    Finishing Move: Hope & Glory (F5), V for Victory (Hell's Gate Submission)

    Signature Moves: : European Uppercut/Inverted Full Nelson/Choking an Opponenet(while pleading with the ref)/Pumphandle Slam/Spinning Side Slam/Big Boot to Rope Hung Opponent/Scoop Powerslam/Fall Away Slam, Snake Eyes, Throwing opponent to corner and following in with clothesline.

    Other moves:
    Belly to Belly Suplex/Diving Elbow Drop/Back Kick/Shoulder Block/Snap Swinging Neckbraker/Underhook Suplex/Knee Strikes/Dropkick

    Theme tune and video:

    Promotions worked for (EFeds): HWA / JBW

    BITW Won/Loss/Draw record: 0/0/0

    Titles in EFeds held: N/A

    Twitter account: @EmpireRising

    Groups/Tags: N/A


    Bio:: After both his parents passed away when he was very young, he was raised by his grandfather, who was ex-military and always told Spencer about how great The Empire was and how much worse the world is without it. He raised Spencer as if he were training a recruit, so he's a very well drilled and disciplined individual, with an exagerrated sense of self worth and importance. Believing himself to be better than others.

    Taught by his grandfather how to fight, first using military hand to hand combat techniques, then boxing and judo.
    Taught to wrestle from his mid Teens by a couple of close friends of his grandfather.

    He wrestled in the UK and Europe, from 17 to 24, then moved to the States having beaten all that Europe had to offer.
    He wants to prove the superiority of his Great Briton wrestling technique.

    After two faltering starts in other feds, where personal problems led to numerous stalls in his career progress in the States, Spencer decided to go away to re-evaluate his life, re-train himself to peak physical fitness and come back new, refreshed and more determined than ever before to truly become the BEST IN THE WORLD.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Name: Christian "THE PROPHECY" Baird

    Alias': The Uncrowned King

    Northern England.

    Height: 6 foot 2.

    : 240 lbs.

    Heel/Face: Heel 4 life.

    Ring style: Technical expert who is known to go to the top rope, purely to show off. Deceptively strong, but seldom relies on it.

    Finishing Move: Ragnarok (Tombstone from the top rope). Lights Out (Superkick).

    Signature Moves: Ego Trip (Top rope elbow drop). Destiny Clutch (GTS). Fallen Prophet (Frog splash). Darkness Falls (Float over DDT).

    Other moves:
    Armbar. Triple German Suplex. Full Nelson. Drop Toe Hold into Ankle Lock.

    Theme tune and video:

    Promotions worked for (EFeds)

    BITW Won/Loss/Draw record: 0/0/0

    Titles in EFeds held: AWF SuperFly Championship (First, Last and only 2 time champ). BWA Grand Championship (with Ragnarok). BWA Ultimate Opportunity Ladder Match Winner.

    Twitter account:

    Groups/Tags: [In JBW] The Ego Trips (with VKM) and an un-named faction with Ragnarok, VKM and BellaDonna . [In BWA] The Dark Empire (with Ragnarok).


    Bio: Not much is known about the man known as The Prophecy, up until recently his real name was a mystery to. There have been reports that he trained all over the world and from a young age, but those reports have been found to have no evidence. Moreover his so called wealthy parents have been found to be false also.

    His age is also a matter of confusion, with some saying his is in his early twenties, whilst other argue he is in his 30s. One thing that can be guaranteed about Prophecy, is that he has a God complex. Whether it is the result of a poor upbringing, or a spoilt one, he has managed to convince himself, and often followers, that he is born to be this generations Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels or The Rock. Although he has yet to prove worthy of such comparisons.

    It was his feud with Zeus Apollo that furthered his complex, after feuding with the JBW star, he began cutting promos from Mt Olympus, a fictitious set created to give the impression of power. Sipping wine and sitting upon a golden throne, it was clear that what started out as a slur against Zeus, had quickly become a part of Proph's psyche. 3 times he challenged for a World Championship and all 3 times resulted in failure, afterwards he would return to his homemade hideaway contemplating how one such as he could be beaten by those "unworthy".

    Throughout his career he has found himself leading others, whether it was the now AWOL towering mute monster known as Ragnarok or the alluring seductive temptress BellaDonna, they follow his orders implicity and completely buy into his God like delusions.
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    Name: Sergio Fantastico and Wor Jimmy

    Alias': Sergio (The Geordie Luchadore, the Sex Pest)

    Newcastle, England.

    Height: Sergio (Six Feet Nine Inches) Wor Jimmy (Five Feet Eight Inches).

    : Sergio (280lbs) Wor Jimmy (235 lbs).

    Heel/Face: Face

    Ring style: Sergio despite wearing luchadore gear is an old fashioned brawler, think JBL or LOD. Wor Jimmy is a ring announcer, but when he does wrestle again think a brawler, but a bit more sloppy than Sergio.

    Finishing Moves: Sergio: Last Orders (Clothesline from Hell) Fog Clearer (Pumphandle Slam). Wor Jimmy: Jumping splash.

    Signature Moves:
    Sergio: Pint Spiller (Jumping Piledriver), Hadaway Slam (Fall Away Slam), Running Powerbomb. Wor Jimmy: Magpie Suplex (Snap Suplex), Double Powerbomb.Theme tune and video:

    Promotions worked for (EFeds): BITW.

    BITW Won/Loss/Draw record: 0/0/0

    Titles in EFeds held: ​ None

    Twitter account: None

    Groups/Tags: BITW: Sergio and Wor Jimmy (The Terror of the Tyne)

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    alias: DON MULA
    aka MONEYMAN

    aka PRAI$e PRI$e
    aka AK-A
    aka Mr.eWrestling
    aka $IR Juuuuuu Heeaaarrrd
    aka Greatest Athlete of All Time

    aka Best You Would Ever Know


    Weight: 240

    Alliance: Mega HeeL

    Ring style: Technical,High Flyer,Flashy,Fast Pace Aggresive {the rock + shawn micheals}

    MONEY CLIP [KID KRUSHER,youtube billy kidman finisher]
    Million Dollar Dream sleeperhold

    Cradle back to belly piledriver

    OTHER:inverted frankensteiner,sasuku special,blazing arrow,asai moonsault,flipping release suplex,suicide hurracanrana,double jump moonsault
    High Angle Moonsault,kick-up[like hbk], Top Rope Elbow,buff blockbuster,missle
    dropkick,moonsault dropkick,running flying elbow,running calf kick,
    rolling thunder,rvd spinkick,Hurracanranna,frankensteiner,sharpshooter ,dragon suplex,full nelson slam,thunder in paradise,tilt-a-whirl backbreaker,backstabber,running facecrusher,european pickup cutter,liontamer,inverted ddt,shuffle side kick,german suplex,dragon suplex,dream street

    Theme: Vado-we outchea

    Promotions: JBW , AWF , BITW


    Twitter: @DEPRI$eIsRight

    Groups/tags: none


    School of The Hardknock's Hustler-
    Born and Raised In Brooklyn ,New York City Depri$e has Been Taught At a Early Age to Defend Himself at All Cost and Survive Thru Every Obstacle put in Front of Him. The Hood Is a Big Influence in his life as The Hood has Taught Him how to Be Street Wise and When to Gain Maximum Opportunity at every Chance. During His School Days ,he Didn't Even Have Friends Away From His Block ,only Associates to Benefit Him and his Wealth. The Only Family Was La Familia Team He Grew up With, The Elder Members From The Block , La Familia Was The Only One's He Trusted. He Wanted to Have What The General's of The Team he Was Born into Had.The Money ,women,jewlery,cars,clothes,etc. were things he wanted,fast. There For ,Going to School he Also Had an Influence on a Tight nit group he made and became leader of , The MiliTent FaM.

    MILITENT was a Branch of V.A.P.
    [The Main Source]an Extension Team that follow his Mind-set and Money Investment. Being Young and Making More Money then his Teachers he quickly Stop the studies of School and Only Went to School to Distribute The Drugs and split money Made. During This ,he Use to Experience Rap Battles Among Gang's in the school and it caught his Attention to The point Where He Learned how to Put Words together and Developed wordplay and Delivery just by watching and hearing. The Battle of Going Against Somebody and Destroying the Opponent with Words Was Something of Interest as it also Made Money in Bets and Winners getting a large Cash pot in Battle Tournament's. And If Money Was Involved , Depri$e, Then Known as Ka$h ..Wanted In!

    Passion for Music & Money-
    The Passion For Music Settled in ,I Went Home one day after hearing my first battle and I put on The Radio and a Mobb Deep,Notoriuos B.I.G. Mix was playing. Just The Beat ,the words had me zone out for a second. For The First Time in my Life did I actually pay attention to what they were saying and it was exactly what I wanted to accomplish, it was exactly what I wanted. This is How I studied the Lyrics by listening,From that day forward, my mind and Lyricism went fluent. Some might say that's when I Got My Own Swag, and Ka$h was a mainstay. Then , Miltent wasn't only a Team ,but a Group of the Best lyricist I can assemble. I Recruited Top Battle Rappers,Song Writers and Muscle to Enforce The New Music and Money Movement.

    The Streets Are Watchin-
    Its True When They Say More Money,More Problem's.. I'm Getting Older, Instead of Graduation I'm Getting Promoted in the Streets and I'm more on the Inside ,too Deep to Get out now. Question is is this what I want...Yes..Power,Money and Respect Era begins Now. But With Every Good ,there's Bad and Consequences are a Bitch! ,you just gottta know how to fuck her and leave her alone know what I mean. With My Rising Popularity Came The Hate and So Came the Watching me.Feds Accusing, Friends accusing ,and Enemies are always coming ..I Learned at the End of The day ,you only have yourself to live for. I'm Standing in the middle of chaos with Murder getting closer to me by taking out those I know. I been to More Funerals then I can remember , I can't shed a tear, I feel Nothing comes with the Territory. Cold heart,and its On to The Next One. You Live,Fight and Then Die.

    Frenemies vs Enemies- The Anger I've Had Build Inside From Losing a lot of Those close to Me, and Then There's Those that just want to be Taken out. I Got No Problem with it ,just Don't Snitch me Out. How Can I ,if Not Everybody is Built Like Me. I Turn to The Fair Fight, I Turn to Wrestling. The Art of Music ,The knowledge of Self and Gain, The Process of Winning All Wrapped into One. Wrestling is it, I Gain my Wealth, I Share my Art and I Do This by Being Me While The Money is still Being brought in By Promoting. Just like in MMA and Boxing Do I Promote my Fight and Become Bigger then The Fight Card itself. Time to TakeOver.
    From Crack Roc's to Wrestling Rings-
    By This Time I Have Multi-Millions From Ghost Writing, Record Sales,Illegal Activities,Industry Ties,and Investments I'm Closer to a Billion before I Even made my Wrestling Debut.I Trained with The Very Best From Around The World Including Takuya Sugi,The Great Sasuke,Killer Kowalski,Harley Race,Terry Funk,Lance Storm,William Regal,Shawn Micheals,Johnny Rodz,Ultimo Dragon,Hayabusa,The Wild Samoans,Greg Jackson in MMA,Anderson Silva,and Sessions with Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather Jr. I Have an Arsenal That Only Money Can Buy and Only my Mind Can hold. With My Craft I Made my Debut in AWF and went thru the Ranks ultimately winning the AWF SuperFly Championship,as well as Multiple Titles in japan,Mexico,India,Russia and Puerto Rico.

    Signing a Guaranteed Contract From AWF ,Depri$e was paid in Full til the Final Show of The Company. Soon After ,Further Perfecting his Craft he signed to a 2 yr. 8.5 Million Dollar JBW contract plus Merchandise and Revenue Being Apart of His Earnings due to the stipulations in his Contract. As TIme has Gone by Depri$e ,has Went up in Weight and now is looking for bigger fights and bigger payday's. The Former Superfly/cruiserweight is now Middleweight/light heavyweight and Looking forward to going up, after He makes his BITW Debut.

    The Now-

    Being a Proven Draw in wrestling and outside projects ,depri$e was approached in the early stages of the start of the new wrestling organization known as BEST IN THE WORLD,inc.
    Depri$e managed to once again prove his worth in signing a multi-year [5 year,$25 Million]contract with a final year opt-out clause.This BEST IN THE WORLD signing is the Biggest Contract in eFed History.Able to Finalize the Deal due to Rating's Boost,and eWRESTLING NEWS Coverage ,he acknowledged to reach a Bonus Deal when ppv's,dvd/ippv's, and Gate Number's are revealed to be higher when he is on the card.With SELF-made Businesses,side venture's,Natural skill and Experience he is Only here to prove just why Depri$e is . . .THE BEST IN THE WORLD.

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    6.28. 2012-6.28.2012
    6.29. 2012-6.29.2012

    0-1,787 at wrestlevania

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    Guess who's coming to BITW!

    Name: Sagittarius Blue

    Visual Representation:

    Name: Sagittarius Blue

    Theme: "Faint" By Linkin Park

    Hails from: The Classic City, Athens, Georgia

    Also Known As: The Classic City Saint,The Royal Rockstar, The Little Big Problem

    Stands: five foot eight

    Weighs: 130 lbs
    Face/Heel/Tweener: Face.

    Fighting/Wrestling Style: Quick and agile, catch-as-catch can. Very versatile. Novice wrestler – botches wrestling moves occasionally, but supplements with lots of MMA-type moves such as strikes, clinching, takedowns and submissions. Excellent at reversals and counters.

    Catchphrase(s): “NOW OR NEVER!,” “(insert desired term or word here) is BLUE” (very similar toChris Jericho's catchphrase “RAW is Jericho,” “The stars have aligned.”

    Mannerism(s): When hitting the ramp, usually comes out with a custom jacket on with the hood up, and stands still, looking around with his face slightly hidden by the hood. He then drops the hood down and yells “NOW OR NEVER” while raising the rockstar hand sign (just like Edge) before rushing the ring. When playing to the crowd, he uses the hand sign and may yell N. O. N.

    Bio: Sagittarius Blue is a young renaissance man. Born in Athens, GA and raised in the boondocks of the countryside, Sagittarius had a very humble beginning. But one thing always stuck with him: he wanted to be different. He never fit in as a child – he always spoke differently and followed the beat of his own drum. He learned that, for better or worse, he was who he was – and unlike so many people, he embraced it. He studied hard in school and found he had a fierce desire to learn and excel. He alsod iscovered the things in life he had a passion for, such as music: he eventually became a popular underground music artist with his hybrid style of hip-hop/R&B/rock/soul fusion. Sagittarius also discovered that he had a fighting spirit burning inside –literally. He took up the martial arts – kickboxing, muay thai,jiu-jitsu and some sambo – and traveled the world competing, being successful in several organizations and capturing titles as he went.

    Now Sagittarius Blue wants to enter a new realm: professional wrestling.

    Sagittarius Blue is green in his pro-wrestling career, but brings a strong MMA foundation to the ring. For a man his size, he strikes very hard – with a fondness with kicks, elbows and submissions. Sagittarius understands that he is physically a dwarf among giants, and embraces agility, counter-fighting and unconventional tactics to one-up the opposition.He is incredibly intelligent and clever – masking it under a rockstar, devil-may-care attitude, but letting it out when he needs it. While Sagittarius is usually very chill, amiable and even soft-spoken – but is also a verbal firebrand, who will speak his mind to anyone – consequences be damned. Sagittarius is a man of action – hence his favorite phrase: NOW OR NEVER. Sag is a die-hard friend to those who will let him, but a dangerous and dogged enemy to those who are on his bad side.

    Finishing Moves...

    The Sign of the Archer: if you've seen Mark Haskins (formerly of IMPACT Wrestling) use the Painkiller, then you know what this move is all about. If not, here's how it goes: Sagittarius locks his victim in an inverted half-nelson hold or a suplex facelock hold (may grab their belt or tights for additional grip and lifting power – imagine how Edge got opponents in position for the Edgecution DDT) then lifts them and tosses them forward... as they come down, Sag delivers a savage knee to the victim's face or temple for a knockout blow.

    The Bow of Sagittarius: Sagittarius' favorite submission hold –a version of the AT arm submission hold. Sagittarius attacks his victim when they are lying facedown, grabs their arm, and contorts it in ways that nature did not design it for. Indescribably painful. Even more unfortunate for the victim: Sag has a love affair with wanting to remove people's arms when angered.

    Shining Wizard: This move is usually pulled out for a fast finish and especially on larger opponents he can't lift easily, and is not always used as much as the others. Sag's version is quite vicious – he often uses the knee instead of an actual kick. Likes to use it on kneeling opponents, but will use a step-up/jumping variation for standing opponents.

    Signature Moves...

    Sagittarius Slam: A souped-up uranage. Proves that the little man is stronger than he looks.

    Kenta-style strike rush (not the official name, maybe can come up with a name for it if desired...): A high-speed flurry of punches and kicks. Mainly designed to stun an opponent and open them up for a follow up move.

    High-angle dropkick (Sagittarius Shot): A stiff apron-to-ring dropkick. The execution is something like Daniel Bryan's dropkick from his NXT titantron – Sag coils up in midair, making the impact more powerful. Kip-up optional.

    Stardom: A springboard roundhouse kick, inspired by John Morrison's Flying Chuck and Cody Rhodes' Beautiful Disaster.

    Sagittarius Special: A combination move. Starts with a muay thai/dirty boxing clinch (perhaps one or two punches/elbows to start) into a knee to the head, followed by a single/double leg takedown, and finished with a fist drop to the face.

    Other moves (may be used often, but not signatures or finishers in their own right): belly-to-belly slam, shotgun dropkick (a coiled-up, close-range dropkick delivered to running opponents in the torso), high roundhouse kick, cutthroat hold knee neckbreaker (a la JTG), enziguri, baseball slide under standing opponent, flying forearm, various MMA strikes, grapples and submissions

    NOTE: Sagittarius may be new to wrestling, but he learns quick and is always improving. BEWARE.

    “Gimmick”: Wants to spread musicand the power of the small man. Doesn't color in between the lines. Loves astrology (of course.) Sense of humor, bit of a talker. Under extreme pain or stress, enters a berserk mode and becomes bloodthirsty and mentally unhinged. Little guy with the heart of a giant and the soul of a warrior. For comparison, imagine a combination of Spider-Man, Sam Shaw, CM Punk, The Human Tornado, John Morrison, Urijah Faber, Xavier Woods, Jay Lethal, KENTA and P. O. S. (he's a hip-hop artist.) Yes, it's a lot to take in.

    BITW Win/Loss Record: 0/0/0

    Other Feds Worked In: TWE, IWA, JBW

    Group Affiliation(s): The Star Signs - a group of unique individuals chosen by destiny and guided through life by their zodiac signs. The affiliation is loose - not all Star Signs see eye to eye. Sagittarius is open to other possible affiliations as well.

    Sponsor: Cage Hero Logo.jpg

    Twitter Account: @Sag_Blue_NON
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    And where there's Sagittarius Blue... There's...

    Name: Pisces Pink

    Hails from: The Mean Streets ofAtlanta, GA

    Theme: "Crush" by Paramore

    Also Known As: The Rose Rumbler, ThePrincess of Power, Babygirl Bigg

    Height: six feet even

    Weight: two hundred and eighty pounds

    Fighting Style: Down and dirty,skull-snuffing street fighting. Very explosive. Knows very littleabout wrestling and is prone to botching moves occasionally.

    Catchphrase(s): “Kiss your assgoodbye,” “Go girl!” “As real as it gets.”

    Mannerism(s): Hits the ramp full of energy, jumping and waving to the crowd. Enters the ring and blows a kiss to the crowd. Also tends to imitate Sagittarius Blue –including yelling N. O. N. and using the rockstar sign. During a match, she may jump around and get all sugar-sweet – and then flip to shit-just-got-real mode.

    Bio: Pisces Pink had a tough life and came up on the streets. She was always a big girl, and caught heat from it from everyone – including her abusive family. She fought back, standing up for herself... figuratively and literally – she learned to fight on the streets and in the hood, even against grown men. Despite this, she made it through school and is actually quite intelligent – choosing to hide it behind her “ghettoness.” She met Sagittarius at an earlier stage in their lives – before he became successful – and kindled a strong friendship. They inspired each other to be their best and spite the world for all its stereotypes. When Pisces found out that Sagittarius had become a professional wrestler, she decided to follow in his footsteps – and to follow him, of course. Pisces Pink likes Sagittarius. A lot. And the feeling seems to be mutual... Pisces is also very starstruck –she has never been a public figure before, and can be overwhelmed by being among famous people. She is also the definition of a stand-up chick, backing down from nothing and nobody. Pisces is a bit bipolar:she can easily go from docile and sugar-sweet to screaming ands wearing and swinging the next. EASILY. And when she's on the warpath, she will happily tell her enemies to “kiss your ass goodbye.”

    Finishing Moves...

    The Sign of Pisces: A lethal variation of the Texas Cloverleaf that sees Pisces also sit or kneel on the victim's head for extra punishment (think Chris Jericho's Lion Tamer – before it becamethe toned-down Walls of Jericho.)

    Head Bitch In Charge (HBIC): Pisces borrows Kenny King's finisher, Easy Money, to put the hurt on a bitch. When she hits it, it proves that she is the Head Bitch In Charge.

    The Harpoon: A violent, high-powered Spear tackle (think Goldberg!) The name ties into the Pisces gimmick(harpoon, fish, yes?) and, also, when she hits it she can usually reel in the victory. Yes, I did it. You're welcome.

    Signature Moves...

    Pisces Slam: Pisces wants to be like Sag with this one. Instead of a uranage, this is a spinebuster –think David Otunga's finisher, The Verdict.

    The Pisces Put-Down (or the Tidal Wave, whichever name sticks...): A combination move: Pisces catches the victim with a choke backbreaker (something like Sheamus' Irish Curse)and then transitions into a spinning reverse STO (something like Alex Shelley's Shellshocked or Bray Wyatt's finisher) thereby bouncing the victim's face/head off the mat. Or ground.

    Superkick: Pisces is a very strong girl... and that strength extends to her legs. This skull-rattling kick often comes out to stop an opponent who is on a roll, and is one hell of an equalizer.

    Other moves: knee trembler, kidney blow, haymaker, body slam, bearhug, bitch slap, uppercut, lots o fpunching and kicking and general fuck-you-uppery. Limited somewhat, but Pisces is very young in her wrestling career... and with Sagittarius in her corner, she will be learning. BEWARE.

    “Gimmick”: Starstruck hood chick. Think “Beverly Hillbillies” meets “Friday.”

    Sidenote: Pisces is angered VERY EASILY, and will not hesitate to toss a bitch to the ground and throw bombs at point-blank range. And she suffers no other woman touching Sagittarius.
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    The Star Signs
    IWA - JBW - TWE - BITW

    Sagittarius Blue - 1st Ever JBW United States Champion


    WWE Fed...
    Kharma/Awesome Kong
    Lei'D Tapa, The Queen of the Rings
    Kenny King, The Prettyboy Pitbull


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