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    BEST IN THE WORLD ##Bio Thread##

    Before I start, can I please ask that no one post anything other than bio's here, please. Feel free to update your bio as often as possible. Please follow the blueprint I have used


    Visual Representation:

    : Ma$$Dinero.

    Kid Cannabis, The Skunken Master, Ma$$ Murder, Mr KdotOdot

    London, England.

    Height: Five Feet Ten Inches.

    : Eighteen stone of pure muscle.

    Heel/Face (tweeners, you either act like a heel, or a face. How the fans react to you is up to the writers lol.)

    Ring style: World Class Brawler. World Class Technician/shooter. Striker. Ocasional High Flyer. Think Dynamite Kid meets Mike Tyson meets Ken Shamrock.

    Finishing Move: "My Friend Went To London And All I Got Was This Blood Stained T-Shirt" (KO punch. Booya!)

    Signature Moves: London 'bo (roaring elbow.). Ma$$ $pla$h (Big Splash from the top rope.). Council Kick (Mafia/Yakuza kick). Ma$$Plex (T-Bone suplex). Dinero$ault (springboard moonsault. Mainly done off of the ringside barrier.). The Ma$$ Effect (Shining Wizard). The British Bomb (gutwrench powerbomb).

    Other moves:
    Standing headbutt. Falling headbutt. Double Arm Headbutts (ala Al Snow). Shoulder-breaker. Shin-breaker. Neckbreaker. Armlock (several variations). Leg grapevine. Front Guillotine. German suplex. Spinning side suplex. Belly-to-belly suplex. Double arm suplex. Snap suplex. European uppercut. Jumping elbow drop.

    Theme tune and video

    Promotions worked for (EFeds)
    : JBW, ICW, AWF, BITW.

    BITW Won/Loss/Draw record: 0/0/0

    Titles in EFeds held:JBW Mayhem World TV Championship (won from RomanFlare--vacated--lol). JBW Mayhem World Heavyweight Tag Team Champion [With Psycho Siaki] (won from Samson and Chainsaw--lost to Two Of A Kind. Oh the shame of it.).

    Twitter account: @Ma$$Murda

    Groups/Tags: [In JBW] SilverMass (with SilverCena). Venni Vidi Vicci [V3] (with St George, Psyco Siaki, The Sleeper, and PandaMassacre). Team Fuck It (with JMan).

    [In BITW] None.


    Bio: MassDinero was born on the cold, damp floor of his heroin addicted mothers one bedroom flat. Never having met his druggie father, he lived a troubled youth and has gone from one portion of beef to the next his entire life. After being kicked out of his home, for being arrested for the fifth time that month, He moved in with his uncle, who was a former boxer and wrestler turned narcotic dependent alcoholic. Ma$$Dinero was given some firm beatings by his uncle, but he soon began to fight back and a mutual respect was earned. His uncle trained him to box and wrestle every day, and before long he became a real hard-case, who took shit from no-one! After proving too much for his aging uncle to handle, he was sent for a further couple of years worth of training/mental/physical tourture. When he returned back to his roots, he was a force to be reckoned with, and was often paid to beat people up during his more wild years. He also wrestled for various promotions in and around the UK, such as Frontier Wrestling Alliance, All Star Promotions, Garage Pro Wrestling, Real Quality Wrestling, 1 Pro Wrestling, and more, where he captured gold in every one of them.

    Ma$$Dinero has always been a creative person but he struggled at school, and often found himself very upset and angry. He did however find solace, in writing and performing some of the most hardcore lyrics in the history of underground music in England. Often finding himself in trouble after lyrically embarrassing a local "hero" or two (or more), he often had to use his boxing and superior grappling skills to fight his way through a crowd of thugs. He soon began to earn a bad reputation as a "trouble maker" and has since been banned from performing his much loved lyrics at every club and pub in London. Frustration is a powerful motivator, and MaSS has now set his sights on fulfilling his destiny by leaving the world of music, and entering the world of wrestling! He'll settle for nothing less than becoming the World Heavyweight Champion.

    Upon his debut in JBW, it was apparent the fans finally had a Real Hero, someone to be proud of, someone who dragged themselves out of the gutter and went on and made something of himself--someone who stood up for himself and declared war on JBW! Never one to back down, and often one to instigate, he soon found himself many a time the centre of attention of show cards, even when he wasn't main eventing. Teaming with Silver Cena saw a strong following starting to take notice, but it was cut short after SilverCena had a dispute with Snair that saw him leave JBW, and join EWNCW

    It was also apparent that he was a very rich man, due to the many.. activities, he did outside of the ring, such as rapping, and.. things that if you knew, you'd probably be dead.

    He broke into the mainstream when he starred in a season of his own TV show, with his buddy Dave called, The Adventures Of Mass And Dave. Being a huge hit with fans of wrestling,and non-wrestling fans alike, he was a huge resason for the spotlight being shined on JBW as a whole. A follow up was also made, and the follow up season called, The Further Adventures Of Ma$$ And Dave. Many have cited the original season actually inspired Danny McBride to create Eastbound and Down, and there have been more than a thousand websites created, in multiple languages, by fans of all ages.

    But, it was the day that he, St George, and Psycho Siaki formed Venni Viddi Vici that he truly etched himself on the wrestling map. For a while, the three of them were untouchable, and their wild antics made Mayhem unmissable. V3's matches and feuds with The Eye, and K-Jammin were the main reason that Mayhem became accepted as an equal to the earlier percieved superior WARFare.

    Many incarnations, returns, and title reigns later the team split, and it was Ma$$ that instigated the whole thing after he became frustrated with the fact that even though he felt he was the star of the team, he had never won the world title. That frustration led to Ma$$ turning on Siaki during a dream match against Shuriken Blade that saw Siaki retired from JBW. After another short run teaming JMan, he left JBW under a cloud of controversy, and found himself in wrestling limbo until those known as the commitee signed him up to BEST IN THE WORLD... His first match will be against Shuriken Blade, which is a first time one on one meeting between the pair.

    To. Be. Continued.
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    Name: K-Jammin

    Alias': K-Jam, Sex God

    London, England

    Height: 6ft 2in

    : 220 lb

    Heel/Face: Heel

    Ring style: Almost identical to Chris Jericho's

    Finishing Move: HeadJam! (Super kick)

    Signature Moves: Jammin Moonsault, Shining Wizard, Broken Condom ( Neck breaker)

    Other moves: 1: Left handed punch 2: Right handed punch etc etc...

    Theme tune and video


    Promotions worked for (EFeds): JBW, EWNCW

    BITW Won/Loss/Draw record: 0/0/0

    Titles in EFeds held: Two Time JBW World Heavyweight Champion, One time EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion

    Twitter account:@iamjammin

    Groups/Tags: The Eye [JBW] K-Flare [JBW]

    [In BITW] None.


    Born into a middle class family in small town south of England, KJ has been excluded from every single school he has attended mainly due to fighting. When he was 16, he got fired from his first job in a local shop for having sex with his bosses 40 year old wife. After getting kicked out of his house by his parents at the age of 18 for not being able to help pay rent. KJ joined an illegal underground fight club, but on only the second visit he got rushed to hospital with a punctured lung and a concussion. A few months after that he joined a wrestling school, only to be the only guy in shape. After training there for 9 months he then got kicked out for choking out the trainer and then not letting go. Now with some wrestling skills under his belt, he starting wrestling for local British indies. He then travelled to America and joined the Indie circuit there, making an even bigger impact and making even more enemies. After just 3 months in the American Indie's, he was approached by JBW. KJ jumped at the chance, and is now pissing off audiences on a global scale.
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    Name: The Sleeper

    Alias: Sleepy Loco1, Sleeps, Sleepy, The Loco 1, Little Big Man, Sin City Soulja

    Hometown: North Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    Height: 5ft 7in

    Weight: 170lbs

    Style: High flying luchador also trained in muay thai

    Finishers: SLEEPYTIME (TKO) Nightmare Situation (450* Frontflip off top rope landing with a knee onto opponents head) 450* Splash through table outside ring(Table matches)

    Signature Moves: All Up In Yo' Grill (Superkick{set up to SLEEPYTIME}), Dragon SLEEPER, Jumping kick to the head (rebound off ropes), Multiple muay thai roundhouse kicks to the ribs, suicide dive through ropes (if I know I'm gonna miss do a rope spin like Rey's 619), cross body off turnbuckle to standing opponent, missle drop kick when jumping into the ring from the apron, hurracarana, hurracarana off the top rope, top rope flipping arm drag, front flip off the top rope to multiple opponents outside of the ring

    Poses: L and a V in the air (like Ryder's L I anytime I can and usually allways when finishing off the top rope) Throw an L and a V in opponents face (before AUIYG Seperkick)

    Heel/Face: What ever benefits me most at the time

    Theme Video:

    Promotions worked for: JBW, HWA & #BITW

    Twitter: @ThaLoco1

    BITW win/loss/draw record: 0/1/0

    Titles Held: JBW Mayhem Television Champion (won from Scottland/Loss to RomanFlare)

    Groups/TagTeams: {JBW} Dos Vatos(w/Helmsley), V3(w/Ma$$Dinero, St. George, & Panda Massacre)


    Ex gangster from North Town Sin City. Decided to change his life only because he wanted to stop going in and out of jail. He didn't want to stop fighting so he first he trained with Master Toddy in Muay Thai. He didn't much like fighting for Master Toddy and decided to visit family in Mexico where he started training in Lucha Libre and found he loved the quick pace and danger of the Luchador style. Sleep quickly moved up the ranks and started winning titles in alot of small time Mexican Federations and then finally joined AAA where he was tag team champions as he trained with La Parka and his long time friend Helmsley. Sleeper noticed a small start up company called Justifiably Baddass Wrestling that was hiring talent and knew that was his chance to move up into the highest level of his sport. In JBW The Sleeper started rising quick and even won the Mayhem Television Championship in his first month in the company. Sleeper's pushes were only interrupted by his attittude. He is known as one of the most contraversial efedders due to the amount of times he has quit or been fired and came back only to quit or be fired again. Now he has came to Best In The World wrestling to prove his size and background doesn't matter and that he deserves to be here with the Best In The World that efedding has to offer.



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    Name: Ali Kazam

    Los Angeles, CA

    Height: 6ft nothing

    : 212 lb

    Heel/Face: Heel

    Ring style:
    Fast paced intense action. High flying, High impact moves

    Finishing Move:
    The Magicians Curse (Jumping Cutter)
    Balducci 540 ( 360 backflip whilst levitating high in the air before dropping in another faster pace 360 backflip.)

    Signature Moves:
    Shining Wizard
    Flying Forearm Smash
    Rib Breaker
    Guillitine chokehold

    Theme tune and video

    Promotions worked for (EFeds):
    Former Promotions: EWNCW (Former Inferno Ignition Champion), HWA,
    Current Promotions: IWA

    BITW Won/Loss/Draw record: 0/0/0

    Twitter account: @AbraKazam


    Ali Kazam grew up as a passionate young kid. He had two great loves in life and early on decided to dedicate his life to the two different crafts. He did amatuer wrestling whilst in high school and began a highly succesful career in magic by learning as many things as he could about the dark arts. Soon He left school and put his wrestling dreams on hold as he perfected his magic skills. He gained power beyond his wildest imagination and quickly discovered he could do things that other men only considered a fantasy. After several years making a living by taking money off of people in the streets in cunning and unbelievable ways, he created a phenoninom when he televised several off his more insane feats of amazing talent. His Magic got to a dangerous level and he loved it.

    Eventually he realised that he still wanted to wreslte, so he used some of the money he had made from his television work, to join a wrestling school. Being a fast learner he picked up the trade faster than most and spent time making sure he had his wrestling perfected. He made the decision that since he could do things that others couldn't, inside and out of the ring that he would use this to entertain the crowd and give them the greatest show they have ever seen. The crowd ate up everything he gave them and they loved him. He went from a rank ametuer being completely unknown, to being a popular entertainer in EWNCW and HWA. In EWNCW his talent didn't go unnoticed and he quickly found himself in a fued over the Ignition Title. However he realised his schedule was becoming too much so, even though he was embroiled in a battle over the title he had just won, he decided he didn't have the time for EWNCW. He obviously had to give up the title, but essentially his days in EWNCW were over.

    When HWA collapsed, Ali Kazam had just left EWNCW and now without a place to belong in he vanished from the wrestling scene. During his absence he grew angry at the crowd. The people who had once loved him, didn't even car that he was nowhere to be found. They didn't care about him at all. All they cared about was that they had new people to cheer, even, in Ali's mind, they were not worthy of the cheers. Ali made a return to the ring in IWA and started to get a darker more twisted edge to him as he no longer did things for the crowds enjoyment. He was now acting in spite of them, to take away the things they had used to replace him in his absence. To destroy the audiences heroes and prove why they should have been begging for his return...

    Now Best in the World is here, and Ali Kazam is ready to show just how powerful a little bit of magic can be as he faces off against the best in the business.

    To hell with insincerity. Fuck you!

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    Name: Dingo Mac

    Outback Australia

    Height: 6ft five inches

    : 235 pounds

    Heel/Face: Face

    Ring style:
    Some fast paced action but mostly powerful moves that have impact.

    Finishing Move:The Bite (Spear)

    Signature Moves:
    Koala-bear hug
    kangaroo kick (Dropkick)
    The Downunder slam ( side slam)

    Other moves: Anything really.

    Theme tune and video

    Promotions worked for (EFeds):
    Former Promotions: HWA, EWA, JBW.

    BITW Won/Loss/Draw record: 0/0/0

    Twitter account: @DingoBites



    Born in Australia, Dingo grew up near a crocodile invested river. To make sure he would be able to protect himself his father made him wrestle against the crocodiles from a young age.
    Dingo grew to love the competition that the crocodiles provided and became so powerful that the crocodiles would flee from him when he went near the river. Missing the challenge Dingo began looking for ways to test himself, eventually finding professional wrestling.
    Always looking for a new challenge, Dingo Mac is in Best in the World to face his biggest challenges yet, a roster full of stars ready and willing to put him down permenantly.

    To hell with insincerity. Fuck you!

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    Name: Jman

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Alignment: Face

    Height: 6'2

    : 205 lbs

    Ring style: CM Punk meets Taz

    Good Match, Let's Go Eat.

    Signatures: Macho Man Elbow Drop, Running Knee, Tazplex, Tazmission

    Theme tune

    Promotions worked for

    Groups: JBW: The Aristocrats (With thedag), Team Fuck It Version 1 (With Ma$$dinero) HWA: Team HWA (With Rob Rage, KJ Punk, Chris Divine, Darius and others fighting against The Clique.) BITW Team Fuck It Version 2 (With Ma$$dinero, Artemis Eclipse, K-Jammin, and The Prophecy)

    Championships: JBW WARfare World Tag Team Champion 2x (A long run with The Aristocrats and a 1 show reign alongside Ryusuke "Shuriken Blade" Serra), JBW WARfare World Heavyweight Champion (Won from Shuriken at New Horizons; lost to RomanFlare on the WARfare Draft Show), HWA Supremacy World Champion (Won from Brick "The Bastard" Godslayer at Hardcore Heaven; Lost to Johnny Hot at, erm, Summerfest? No. The PPV after Summerfest.


    2x HWA Supremacy World Champion

    2x JBW WARfare Tag Team Champion (with thedag and Ryusuke "Shuriken Blade" Serra)

    JBW WARfare World Heavyweight Champion

    AWF IronMan Champion

    Worked for IWA, EWNCW, HWA, SWA,
    JBW, EWA, ICW, and AWF

    EWN E-Fedding Hall of Famer

    A proud member of the EWN E-Fedding Community

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    Name: "Primetime" AJ Dixon

    Superstar Look-a-like: Kenny King

    Alias': Primetime, AJD

    : Atlanta, Georgia.

    Height: 6'3".

    : 235 lb.


    Ring style: High Flyer, Bruiser, Quick/Fast, Not Afraid to do anything to win.

    Finishing Move: Mug Shot - Jumping Reverse STO; Drive-By -Shooting Star DDT

    Signature Moves: Super Kick; Spring Board/Turnbuckle Bulldog.

    Other moves
    : DDTs of all kinds, Scoop Slam, Spring Board Moves, High Cross Body, Shining Wizard, Spear, Russian Leg Sweep, Sleeper Hold, Eye Rake, Running Knee, Round House Kick.

    Theme tune/video

    Promotions worked for (EFeds)
    : JBW, HWA, IWA, BITW.

    Titles in EFeds held: IWA World Heavyweight Championship 1x

    Twitter account: @PrimetimeAJD

    Groups/Tags: IWA - The Infection


    Bio: Growing up in the tough streets of Atlanta, GA, AJ Dixon knew how to do two things, Run and Fight. He looked for escape through many different sports but found his most success in football where he became the Top WR in the State. He was looked at by many colleges but turned many off due to his cocky attitude and temper. After finishing high school, he went to TheUniversity of Georgia where he started for two years as there #1 wide receiver. He was soon kicked of the them team for fighting with teammates and coaches. After college, Dixon decide to turn all the anger and frustration to a sport he knew he could exceed at, Professional Wrestling. Dixon started small, wrestling in local promotions like Georgia Championship Wrestling and Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling. After several attempts to catch the eye of a major promotion, Dixon was asked to be a part of the start up of Hardcore Wrestling Association. Dixon was quick to jump on in hopes that he could be a part of something that could be big. After the end of HWA, Dixon had managed to get no titles and no accomplishments even having been the only HWA Original left on the roster for the last 4-5 months of the promotion. Dixon was furious and was eager to get what he never did in HWA, and that was respect and achievement. Dixon immediately got picked up by two promotions, IWA and Justifiably Badass Wrestling. Dixon hopes to not only make a bigger name for himself, but get a Championship, something that always seemed to elude him in the past.


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    Malcolm Cage
    "Primetime" AJ Dixon

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    Name: Athena

    Aliases: The Amazon, The World's Strongest Woman

    Long Island, New Jersey

    Height: 6 ft

    : 205 lbs

    Heel/Face: Tweener (depending on the situation)

    Ring style: Powerhouse/Brawler mixed with submission moves

    Finishing Move: Amazon Slam (Running Pump-handle Slam)

    Signature Moves: short arm clothesline, big boot, gorilla press, samoan drop, figure four headlock, flying elbow drop

    Other moves:
    muddhole stomping, scoop slam, spear, shoulderblock, bearhug

    Theme tune and video

    Promotions worked for (E-Feds)
    : None

    BITW Won/Loss/Draw record: 0/0/0

    Titles in E-Feds held: None

    Twitter account: @worldsstrongestwoman


    World's Strongest Woman (Women's Bodybuilding Competition)


    Bio: Once the girl that nobody wanted to play with Athena has grown up to become the woman that nobody wants to fuck with. A black belt at kickboxing Athena has learned to turn her pain into other people's pain. Her body is her temple and she treats it with respect working out for hours a day and restricting herself to the strictest of diets. This training has paid off for her helping her become a 3 time winner of the World's Strongest Woman competition. In recent years Athena has added wrestling to her impressive already impressive resume. Recently, Athena quit her job as a personal trainer after being hired to wrestle for the Best in the World federation. Although her first match was booked to be a handicap match against the Panzer sisters Athena has her sights set a bit higher and there are rumors of her having a special interest in the BITW Championship.

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    Name:Ano Doom

    Alias': The Demon Cyborg

    The Netherworld

    Height: 6 Foot 6

    : 330 lbs.

    Entrance Theme:

    Heel/Face Heel

    Ring style: Intense Monster Powerhouse,MMA striker/Brawler/Boxer,Chain wrestling Shoot Grappler with much Submission mixed in.

    Finishing Move:sCold Blooded Murder(Ryback Finisher,Shellshocked,Fisherman lift into Olympic Slam move)
    Blood Spiller(Rear naked choke with bodyscissors)
    Demon's Trick(Discus Elbow Strike)
    Kick of the Ancient Curse(Randy Orton Punt kick)

    Signature Moves: Annihilater(Military Press dropped into the Worlds Strongest Slam)
    Spinning Sto(Used much as a counter to a running opponent or diving.;Very quick and violent.)
    Swiss Death(Destroyer Fist)
    Fisherman Driver.("Blood Drainer")
    Falling One or two handed Chokeslam
    Multiple Military Press moves(Powerslam,fall-away slam,spinebuster,tombstone piledriver,F5,Samoan Drop)
    Ankle Lock
    Heart Punch
    KO Punch("Devils Flame"

    Discus Uppercut
    Knee to temple

    Other moves:
    Claw hold,forcing opponent to the mat
    MMA Knee strikes in the face from the clinch
    Figure Four
    Stiff Heavy Lariat
    Several kinds of Suplexes(Snap,Rolling German,Release Overhead Belly to Belly,Vertical,Full Nelson,Exploder,Head and Arm,Northern Lights.)
    Triple Powerbombs(Spinning,Kneeling,Running,Sitout,Fallin g,Crucifix Or Jackknife.)
    Crimson Red Mist("Beast Spit")
    Spinning Sideslam Backbreaker on knee
    Double Sledgehammer(Spinning,sometimes countering dives.)
    Headbutt from multiple positions
    Big boot
    Spinning Roundhouse Kick
    Several Powerslam variations.

    Promotions worked for (EFeds)

    Apperance: Wears a half white Hockey mask,full of blood stains in crimson red in various spots all over it,covering only the right half of his face. The left maskless side of his face shows,covered in black tribal tattoos all over it,White bloodstained sleeveless hooded jacket,that is always worn open.Wears the hood on the jacket at all times when its being worn,and then takes it off before matches.His fists are tapped with white bloody tape as well,and there are white armbands full of blood on both biceps as well,White longer shorts(Think of some Dickies type of work shorts),Full of stains of blood lacing them all around. White wrestling boots that are smeared with blood all over,With stained crimson red blood all over the white knee pads he wears as well.(Yes everything on him is stained in blood,every last bit of his white clothing)entire upper body is covered in green,red and black and blue Tribal and macabre,dark evil looking tattoos,Consisting of flames,skulls,dragons,women,angels and demons,and swords and axes;from the neck to the body and arms down to the hands.The parts of his legs that are exposed are also covered in the same manner of ink as well.His forearms say "Carnage" and "Agony" in red vertically. ALL visible skin laced and completely inked all over with tattoos..Has very short,close,buzzed trim hair,but not quite completely bald,more of skinhead look than mr clean.Head is all covered in black script writing in a few places,going vertically and horizontally,dates tribal tattoos all over it as well. Eyes are messed up,one is solid white and the other has a red pupil.Physique/Buld like Ryback but much more ripped and chiseled,including 12 pack abs.

    bio:Years ago,dating back to at least the 3rd century,In the dark burning fires below the earth,A sinister,evil group of Necromancers,Shaman,Witches,Magi, and Druids came performed an unholy ceremony as they cast a spell,creating and summoning up a demon warrior,Who arose straight from the flames. The being was something brought up from the devil gods as a gift to the cult of spell-casters,Who collectively was known as The Order Of Cruciartus. The Order was selected to go forth and bring forth a new beast,a new monster,A new weapon for the dark side to carry out its plan and business. They all agreed on one night to do it,at the stroke of midnight. The group formed a circle after gathering all the conditions needed for everything to go right. They closed their eyes and joined hands,and when it was done,smoke filled the Netherworld and suddenly the skies changed between red ,green,and Blue and Ano Doom stepped out of the burning waters before them and dropped to one knee with a fist on his forehead. The creation had arrived,and everyone was way more impressed and satisfied then they could have imagined.The Half Demon,Half Beast,was nothing but an incredible physical monster,ripped and cut from steel seemingly,full of extraordinary chiseled muscles all over. The offering from the gods displayed an unrivaled,never before seen aggression, intensity and power,ripping through all others put in from of him as tests. He also showed superhuman speed and pain tolerance,taking every thing thrown at him without slowing down. After the Red Vampire Gods came to oversee Doom briefly,it was agreed he was to be sent onto the Outer-world,to be set free and destroy and terrorize the upper planet at will,and absolutely crush the Lighter Side's chances of ever living in solitude and peace again. The joy,excitement and happiness drew Ano into the EWNCW arena one day,seeing it as the perfect place to begin his ordered quest for death and downfall of humanity. The Venom Knight ran through challengers for a bit,but Was met one day outside by The Order Of Cruciartus,his creators and masters...They spoke to him about terrible unexpected news:The Zachurum Priests were somehow much closer onto their trail than known,And a fiendish,underhanded plan was designed to give them all more time,and to create a secret advantage. It was soon found out that the clan of holy men would be arriving soon upon Earth,and they would cross right through a path Ano used to meet with The Order always.Ano was to arrive there,at the exact moment as them.They were coming to attempt to stop and capture him anyways.So they all came,and he was already there. White bright flashes of light burst,and Ano dropped to both knees shaking,trying to raise a fist into the air to regain strength. It appeared their divine holy magic was weakening him and draining him of the frightening power he possessed. They continued and he was soon weak enough to be transported to another land,eons away in the Desert Of Liviticus,located in the Land Of Unther. They created a tomb,full of chambers and bound Ano with the greatest of Zachurum spells and power,putting an incantation on him that was supposed to hold him there forever;eliminating his threat to mankind. But the Zachurum still did not know Doom was only feigning his weakness,And Was never really captive at all...Only...Rebuilding himself...Stronger...Faster...More Vicious...Deadlier...Tougher and more Intense than ever before. He was constantly visited by the Order,who every day took turns blessing him with new strengths and skills each time. After 9 months,it was determined the creation was once again ready to be unleashed,This time there would be no chance in even a worry of being stopped ever no matter what holy clan tracked them down. After breaking the chains that held him and erasing any traces,Ano Doom is here to kill and brutalize in the name of Hell again.

    Gimmick:Very large monstrous man,sick and twisted,almost seemingly insane but has his emotions and thoughts very well in check,has monstrous superhuman strength.Will stop at nothing to make his goals happen.Has very shocking speed and athleticism for a man his size.Never one to leave a fight. Intense and freakishly unbelievably strong,lightning quick.Extremely skilled at wrestling and grappling as well. Also unmatched when it comes to fighting and boxing. Hard-hitting monster blessed with extraordinary skills in every category.Very out there and evil when it comes to his speaking pattern.Waits for a fight from anyone constantly,the moment anyone challenges him its on,Also never one to avoid challenging and bringing fights to the opponent. Has a ring/wresting style of a mix of Monster heel Vladimir Kozlov and Ryback...Stiff,quick,brutal,shockingly powerful and intense.

    Visual(A mix of them really)

    668221-jason_voorhees_3352_large.jpgvenom-3.jpgimages (1).jpgjaycutler.jpg
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    The higher I go, the crookeder it becomes.

  10. #10

    : Snair


    Mumbai, India

    Height: 6 ft 2 in

    : 246 lb

    Heel/Face :Face (with a heelish attitude)

    Ring style: Identical to the Rock

    Finishing Move: LICENSE TO KILL (L2K) "Double arm under hooked DDT", SIN-LOCK "Crossface chicken-wing"

    Signature Moves: Running spine buster, Flying neck breaker, Top rope elbow, Texas cloverleaf etc

    Other moves: Shoulder thrust, European upper cut, DDT etc

    Theme tune and video:

    Promotions worked for (EFeds)
    : JBW, BITW

    BITW Won/Loss/Draw record: 0/0/0

    Titles in EFeds held: JBW Warfare World Heavyweight championship, JBW tag team championship

    Twitter account: @lionheartSnair

    Groups/Tags: [In JBW] (FSA) with Manabu, Zeus & Markus, (Definition of Defiance) with Manabu

    [In BITW] None.

    Bio:Born in a financially sound family from India, Snair learned to live life KING-SIZE from childhood.Good at academics,sports but couldn't do justice to his parent's dream of him becoming an Engineer since Wrestling was always his first love.
    Wrestling/Fighting was in his genes and he moved to US to chase and conquer his dream.Worked at the indys till WWTNA personally signed him up for JBW.
    Snair was part of an elite group, rightly named FIVE STAR ATTRACTION along with Manabu ,Zeus, Markus beerstein. FSA dominated Warfare and they got things done at their will. FSA were involved in a lengthy feud with Supernova and Snair vs TDA took centre stage.
    He later went on become the LONGEST REIGNING World heavy weight champion in JBW history by defeating challengers like TDA, VKM, JMAN, Prophecy, IPITB.After losing the title to Serra, he formed DEFINITION OF DEFIANCE with Manabu and won the tag titles from Jman & Serra later losing it to Two of a kind.
    Snair was slated to face Manabu in a career vs career match but left JBW abruptly due to unhappiness over backstage politics.
    Now in BITW, Snair looks to once again become the force he once was.
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