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    Tell Hell No!

    Okay yes this was a comment on another forum but i actually wanted to see what way do you want to see Tell Hell No to break up or even if you dont want them to break up just say what you want to happen to them.
    So first things first Team Hell No is awesome and is currently one the best things Wwe has going now. However if they do break up i have a feeling it will involve Undertaker since a Raw 1000 Kane teamed with Taker for that short period to clear the ring, which brings me to my point Undertaker might come back and get beat down and Kane comes to his aid or Kane gets beat down and Taker comes to his aid, then the following raw they get booked in a tag team match against those people, but Bryan gets jealous of the Deadman and this goes on until Wrestlemania when the 3 of them get booked in a triple threat match Undertaker vs. Kane vs. Daniel Bryan ,, or Undertaker vs. Daniel Bryan w/ Kane as the special guest Ref.

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    As Much as I would love for Daniel Bryan to get a chance to end the streak there is no way with Undertakers injuries is he coming back to have a mania match with Bryan. Undertaker's years are numbered and I feel there are very few wrestlers who should go against the Deadman those being John Cena, CM Punk, or even Brock Lesnar.

    But I can see Kane Vs Daniel Bryan happening in there own match at Wrestlemania. But Kane Vs Daniel Bryan Vs Undertaker or DB Vs Taker will not happen.

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    Honestly, I don't want to see Kane & Bryan feud after breaking up, since they were feuding in the build-up to this team. Once they drop the belts, they should just go their separate ways, and maybe one of them just quietly goes back to being a heel.

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    i honestly think they should go their separate ways. Bryan I'd like to see challenge the WHC and hopefully be successful. and i think Kane could be used to build up Cesaro and the U.S title

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    DB is nowhere near being a believable opponent for the Undertaker at WM. How would anyone even get close to believing that after the last 4 epic battles he had with HBK and HHH Daniel Bryan would come along and defeat him? Really? Especially with the way Bryans Character is displayed every result that is not a complete squash would be a complete and utter sensation.
    Wrestling lost the spectacle factor.


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