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    Who/what fooled you?

    Okay, what I mean is.......when Hall came out on WCW I totally marked out. I was a teenager at the time and was 'smark' enough to know he wasn't really invading but thought Vince had decided to do business with Turner, so I fell for it, especially because the DC /Marvel cross over was around then or I had heard it was coming, so I figured the day was here where things that 'were' was coming to an end finally!
    now I remember really marking out and flat out falling for a story line.....Ray Traylor (RIP) as The Big Bossman getting a beat down from Nailz!! I swore up and down that 'they couldn't fake that' lol
    so.......what was your first smark moment?!

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    Not sure if it counts but I recall believing that Randy Savage really crushed Ricky Steamboat's larynx with the ring bell (yeah that wasn't just attitude era stuff) and when Warlord & Barbarian tried to cave Road Warrior Animal's skull in with bench weights.

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    Oh crap I DO remember that!! I also remember out thinking myself and when Hake DDT'd Ricky on the concert and knocked him out......I jumped but then played it off like it was a good sale by Ricky. Low and behold, it was legit!!


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