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    Exclamation NFL Week 12 Prediction Contest

    Here is the NFL Week 8 prediction contest. This contest has a maximum of 235 points.

    Each correct pick is worth 2 Points. (Ties are possible, so you can select that too.)

    Game of the Week is worth 4 points. The game is in Red Bold Lettering. You get 10 Bonus points if you guess the correct score for the Game of the Week. Must be exact.

    Thanksgiving Day rules: No Bonus Questions. Add scores to each pick, and for each correct score earn 1 extra point. If you can guess half of the scores right on Non-Game of the Week picks, you can earn an additional 50pts. If you can guess all games scores right including GotW, earn 100pts.

    Thanksgiving Day Game of the Week Rules: If you can get all three guessed right, it is worth 15pts. 5pt bonus per game if you have correct score. If you can guess all three games with correct scores, you can earn 50pts.

    Thanksgiving Day Games:

    Houston Texans at Detroit Lions

    Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys

    New England Patriots at New York Jets

    Sunday, Nov 25th:

    Afternoon Games:

    Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars

    Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts

    Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns

    Oakland Raiders at Cincinatti Bengals

    Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs

    Seattle Seahawks at Miami Dolphins

    Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears

    Evening Games:

    Baltimore Ravens at San Diego Chargers

    St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals

    San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints

    Late Game:

    Green Bay Packers at New York Giants

    Monday, Nov 26th:

    Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles.

    No Bonus Questions. Add scores to all games.
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