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    own wwe creative

    hello everybody,

    the grave here with my first post. Excuse me for my english, my vocabulary isn't that great and my spelling worse.

    So lately i keep hearing people complain about wwe creative. I can't say i don't agree with them but i never hear people give some suggestion about what would be a great storyline. So i like to hear in this blog a few good storylines for the next PPV survivor series. I know most matches are already booked but I want to hear how you think it would be better.

    so below i am going to give my ideas for storylines for survivor series.

    1 tag team championship: team hell no vs sin cara & rey mysterio

    After the DQ in the hell in a cell PPV the monster kane returns, during raw he beats Cody and Rhodes down. Rey comes out attacks kane and after cuts a promo that it is an honour to wear masks and that no monster should wear one. Later that night sin cara pulls an victory over Daniel Bryan and Vickie sets up this match for survivor series.

    winner: team hell no with a clean win

    2 survivor series elimination match: team vickie vs team Heyman

    with AJ fired as GM heyman and vickie fighting for the vacant job. Both take their case to vince. Vince sets up this match.
    Heyman chooses his team captain to be punk, the other four are a returning brock lesnar, brad maddockx, wade barrett (who wants a favour off heyman in return) and mysterious unknown superstars who heyman doenst tell his name. At survivor series it turns out to be Bray Wyatt from NXT, who is also a Paul Heyman guy.

    team vickie is team captain dolph ziggler and alberto del rio, the miz, primo and epico (who get a tag team title shot if they win the match for her)

    Vince comes out, says there need to be a wwe championship match so punk won't be captain of the team, so Paul Heyman begs to Vince to change the stipulation. Turns out, if team punk wins, punk can choose his own opponent later that night, if team Vickie wins punk will face all opponents who haven't been eliminated in the match.

    At survivor series Lesnar, Wyatt, Barrett and Maddockx dominate team Vickie and get the win before Punk enters the match. Punk chooses to face Mick Foley in the main event for the wwe championship.

    Mick comes out, says he won't do it, he is retired. Punk starts to push his buttons and Foley accepts his offer on one condition. It has to be an old shool hardcore match.

    3 diva championship: Eve vs Kaithlyn

    Kaithlyn and Layla keep arguing about their loss at Hell in a cell. Booker T jumps in and get the two seperatet. He makes a number one contenders match Layla vs Kaitlyn.
    Kaithlyn wins, cuts a promo that she will get her revenge for the attack by Eve.

    At survivor series Eve gets attacked from behind before the match, setting up a victory for Kaithlyn the new divas champ.

    4 Randy orton vs Ryback

    During raw we get our feeding moment Ryback vs a jobber. Interference by Orton and costs Ryback the match. We see an Orton heel turn. Orton cuts a promo that the appex preditor is hungry and that Ryback needs to get off his hunting grounds.

    At survivor series Ryback gets a victory over Orton (because Vince wants it)

    5 us championship: Cesaro vs Justin Gabriel

    at smackdown Gabriel wins a fatal fourway number one contendersmatch. (dont see the point in a big storyline for the us championship; i am sorry)

    at survivor series Cesaro picks up a victory.

    6 world heavyweight championship: Big Show vs Sheamus in a street fight

    After there great match at hell in a cell sheamus wants his rematch at survivor series. Big show says he knocked sheamus out and he will do it again, and when he does sheamus won't get another shot.

    Sheamus asks Booker T for a street fight match at survivor series and Booker T gives him one. During shows match Sheamus comes out with a steel pipe, attacks show and cuts a promo that their match is now a street fight.

    At survivor series Big Show knocks Sheamus out using a steel pipe.

    7 intercontinental title match: Kofi Kingston vs John Cena

    In a promo Cena tells somebody backstage that he hopes Punk will choose him if he wins his survivor series match, because he really want to be at survivor series. Kofi interrups that he is Us champ and even he isn't in a match. Cena suggest a match between the two.

    (reason for this match is Kofi needs a big match if he ever wants to be a main eventer, and this could be his match)

    at survivor series Kofi wins and hopefully gets a main event push (and the intercontinental title gets a lot of attention to)

    8 main event: Mick Foley vs CM punk for the wwe title

    build up see match 2

    punk wins this match clean.

    This is how i should build up the survivor series PPV, like to get any thoughts on this card and some other storylines that you think would be better.


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