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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonsrevenge View Post
    Except it didnt work, as he wasn't booed by the majority of the fans; had all the fans behind him. Doing heel things doesnt mean anything if you can't get the crowd to turn on you. The Rock was still loved by the majority of the fans despite his whole hollywood thing, so that didnt go over quite well. Hogan had a ring full of garbage thrown at him. That worked.
    I already stated the reason why Stone Cold's heel turn didn't work. It had very little to do with him not getting over as a heel because he was playing a heel very well. It had much to do with him not wanting to be a heel. It's no secret that Austin was very protective of his spot and didn't want anyone taking his spot as the top guy during the Attitude Era. That's why he quickly turned back as a face once the Invasion angle ended. Stone Cold was still a great heel though.

    The Rock wasn't loved by the majority by the fans when he was a heel back in 2003. He still got great heel heat as well (see his heel promo in Toranto on Raw) but SOME of the fans still wanted to cheer him because he was The Rock.

    As for Hogan's heel turn, yes, he indeed had garbage thrown at him by the majority of the fans but you also seen the WCW audience wearing NWO shirts and also doing the NWO hand gesture with Hogan along with the Outsiders. The crowd was split when it came to cheering or booing for the NWO. They still did a great job as heels.

    I'll admit that punk is more over as a bad guy now than Rock or SCSA were, but when they have him mock Lawler's heart attack, thats how you know He's not quite there.
    CM Punk's character was still getting heel heat even before he did that promo on Lawler so I'm not understand how he wasn't over as a heel when he already is over as a heel. He still gets the crowd to hate him because he is playing the ultimate bad guy. The fan incident where a bunch of fans were trying to heckle him by hitting him is proof that hes playing a great heel right now.

    L;DR: Doing heel things + majority of fans cheer != not over as a heel
    Expect for the fact that the majority of the audience aren't cheering for CM Punk. Hes still getting a lot of heel heat. You're always going to have some fans who cheer for heels just because they see their heel work as cool and also to go against the grain. Doesn't mean that said heel isn't doing his/her job as a heel.
    Quote Originally Posted by John Cena rapping on Paul Heyman
    You see I don't need your approval Paul. I'm gonna take my respect. I'll bounce you quicker than an ECW check.


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