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    Miz has the potential to be a great face. I really hope they pull the trigger on it and do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wwf1998 View Post
    Cena vs miz wm27 was bad just bad, miz isn't bad in the ring but if he's in there with a top 5 he's being carried...not so much anymore though
    I don't think Cena vs The Miz at Wrestlemania 27 was that bad. Sure, it wasn't the most exciting main event match at a Wrestlemania PPV and the crowd being silent during the match kinda hurt it in a way but it was still a solid match. I re-watched it and it wasn't too shabby.

    Also, this match didn't have that much heat on it since everyone was more interested in Cena and The Rock's encounter than The Miz vs Cena itself. So that's probably why the crowd wasn't into this as much.
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    Miz has gotten stale ever since around WM earlier this year. He was my fav in WWE during his run as WWE champion. Is he a legit face? Probably, but I have my doubts. Reason you had more cheers than normal for the Miz because he was in his home state. I don't think Miz can be face though. He doesn't have the moves an internet fan would like, he is annoying, and I just can't really imagine him as a heel.

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