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    I don't think any of it was in bad taste, it would be a waste to not have your big heel poke at something so serious. But I think it was funny and kinda low that although Jerry had a heart attack, they kept the cameras rolling. What if they called his time of death on camera cmon. "Oh this will make great television...if he makes it.." "(Vince) keep rolling damn it!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDevilsAdvocate View Post
    It made me cringe, but I knew it was all apart of the story-line between CM Punk and Jerry Lawler. So I am okay with it if those two guys are.
    Yeah it made me cringe too but I saw it coming a mile away- this is WWE, they made fun of JR's Bell Palsy and his colon surgery(youtube it, it was in really bad taste). But Lawler was ok with it and Punk and Paul were just doing their part. I will say I tuned out for a while after that segment. I barely watch much Raw anyways anymore

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