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    CM Punk/Heyman/Lawler segment on last nights Raw

    Okay, sorry to the mods, wasn't sure where to put this so if you wanna move it/merge it then do so.

    WOW! That was the first time in a long time where I have actually felt a little awkward and NEARLY, for a brief moment or two, actually disliked CM Punk and his actions.

    I know Punk has a lot of haters on here, as well as a lot of guys that continuously blow him. I guess I fall in the latter group, but non the less, he was BRUTAL on the mic. Telling King he was glad Lawler left the ring when he did or he'd have to beat him to death...again! OUCH! Low blow. And they Heyman's mock heart attack...tons of cheap heat, but it was effective.

    I'm a CM Punk mark, loved him since his ROH and indy days, so the WWE have to go a long way to try and make me not root for him. Cheap heat it may have been, but it was pretty effective in my book. Props to Jerry Lawler for allowing WWE to do this storyline. Its very close to the bone and I wouldn't be surprised if WWE get a ton of complaints about this segment. Ironically enough I thought the most TASTELESS part of it was the beginning before Punk came out. No need to show EMT's doing CPR on the King in the back at all. Some things just shouldn't be shown for "entertainment" purposes


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