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    Well guys that show was absolutely insane.

    The opening and closing matches were two of the best things I've ever read in any eFed. You should all be very proud of yourselves and I'm glad I agreed to be a part of this. Thanks again to Kash for asking me.

    Here's looking onwards and upwards.

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    as I told R(ob) in a PM when he told me about Scribbs, a awesome choice. I am a big fan of the work in TWE which is Krysys, Scribbs and Asher- great combo of writters. Always have been a fan of Kash and R(ob) work in JBW and here in BITW its a awesomer. Adding Scribbs great mind in the mix- even more awesomer(i know thats not a word, but fuck it). And yeah, i am enjoying retirement- though if a promo or quotes are needed from me here from time to time, i could do them. But writing shows- a thing of the past for me. A match every once in awhile I still would have to think about it. I wrote one for this BITW show as R(ob) asked if i wanted to. Did some work for him in JBW and enjoyed it. So i know you are in good hands Scribbs

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    You know something... NO ONE has commented on THE ALPHA DOG becoming eWN World Champion!!! I know there was a ton going on but, we definitely cannot have that go down as an oversight! Congratulations Zapphs!!

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    Brilliant show guys!

    Favourite parts were the opening and final matches.

    Congratulations to Zapph/The Alpha Dog! Definitely deserved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rated_R(ob)KO View Post
    You know something... NO ONE has commented on THE ALPHA DOG becoming eWN World Champion!!! I know there was a ton going on but, we definitely cannot have that go down as an oversight! Congratulations Zapphs!!
    Yup Congratulations Zapp.Also have to say that it was a fantastic show.Favorite parts the shoot promo and ROBSTAR!!

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    i havent finished reading the show yet and my phone is about to die. I will finish reading it when i get home

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Ano Doom:Btw,I told you Lenny Ray,I told you.
    "For the Druids' legends are true..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by B-MCINTYRE View Post
    Yeah, Robstar said he would never join an E-fed. Did we believe him?
    Robstar: I never joined any efed Ali Baba you fool - I was relentlessly pursued, chased, hunted down if you will by Kash and his cronies. They simply couldn't throw enough cash at me they wanted me so bad. So I accepted their money - this time. It was SO worth it to do what I did to that filthy, weed smoking, sorry excuse for an athlete, Sleeper. If Kash and R(ob) want me back then they're gonna have to dig into Kash's pockets and come up with a suitable amount. Man, I could take the so called 'little big man' out on the street for free if I wanted!! My intention is not to make you efedders wet yourselves - I bet you have no trouble doing that without me. Maybe you can all pass 'round the hat to raise money for my next showing if y'all want me so bad? *chuckle* I've already had interest from a number of other feds, so, y'know - make sure it's a deep hat! I might even bring Vickie with me if you can go deep enough - you feeling me?? *cracks up*

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    Congrats to Zapps/Alpha Dogg on winning the eWn #BITW title.

    I haven't finished reading the whole show but I have read about 3/4 of it,(including the main event ofcourse). But here is what have been the holy shit moments for me.

    1. Shuriken vs Ma$$ match was off the mutha fuckin' chain. I'll admit I marked out alot-a-bit when Siaki made his return I actually thought there would be a three way fight in the future for these three but I still will love the Siaki vs Ma$$ match too. The return of Team Fuckit was awesome and now that it's a stable it's gonna get even better.

    2. I was expecting the squash match between Athena and the Panzer sisters but the match between her and M.I.A.M.I was a great contender for match of the night or even match of the year.

    3. The main event was fucking bananas man. I figured that that Robstar would interfere somehow in the match, when I got into it with V.G. before the match, but the way you guys set it up to be a feud between the two of us was great. I actually can not wait to work out some promos with him, that should be fun.

    I will probaly put more here when I fully read the whole show but so far this is what I liked about the show. Great fucking job to Ka$h, R(ob), and everyone else that worked on this show. Congrats to Scribbs becoming a write!!!

    Sleeps: By the end of my efed career I will have destroyed every member of the mod squad. First it was Iron Ape, then I beat up a retard named Bodom, next I will end "The Aussie Adonis" Robstar's efed career before it even gets started. Then Ka$h I'm coming after your ass, I saw the replay of the show and how you let Robstar attack me during my match and told your big gorilla of a security just to chill back.



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    Who WOULDN'T mention The Alpha Dog becoming the top man in BITW? I admit, I knew little about him and quite a few others until I read Kingdom Come, but to know the awesomeness that is Snair, K-Jammin, Sleeps and especially Alpha is incredible. Zapph - congrats on becoming the first to hold the biggest belt in BITW and possibly all the feds! Look forward to seeing you reign long, and reign hard.

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