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    Quote Originally Posted by Rated_R(ob)KO View Post
    Artemis Eclipse: You are all so fucking pathetic its ridiculous. You sound like the fucking cast of FRIENDS instead of wrestlers. Pussies.
    Sagittarius Blue: Whoa, whoa, whoa... who are you calling pathetic? I mean, you really made a reference to Friends? That's the official symptom of the dreaded social disease called "No Life." Really now, Artemis Eclipse... you sound like you need a time out. The kind of time out that comes from catching an elbow to the temple.

    *Archer Black slinks away... for it is not yet time for him to deal with his brother. He and Virgo silently stalk away - but not before Virgo and Pisces have a short staredown...*

    Virgo Violet: Soon, pig... soon.

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