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    Quote Originally Posted by chunkkynutzzz View Post
    **** Transmission suddenly comes back****

    *the Noise* shkkkk * shkkqqkk* Best in ..shkkk* World *shkkk*

    *Transmission is now focused and in the same Arena Blue was in*

    IC as Depri$e: Ball Sag Blue, was Here Talkin a Good Talk..Maybe The Best Talk in "The World"...pleasssee , This Mudafuka couldn't rip apart a plastic bag ,let alone an opponent. And the Big Headed dick sized clit havin pisces was right there with him by his side.

    Let me make sumthin Perfectly Clear, I'm Very Disrespectful. I Don't Care if U Don't like me, wouldn't want to do business with me. I Earn more then wat Duds around the locker room are worth. All The Dud's Backstage couldn't Keep up with me or my Bank Roll. I'ma be Beastin on these funny walkin twerp's for the Rest of my BITW Tenure.

    And Fact, I Got Personally Signed by The Boss to Make All You So-called Stars..Bright Stars in ya Big Air Filled Ego Head's, to Look Dim!

    Ima Stop a lot of the Shine that goes in the other matches ...Especially Main Event Matches and Put that Spotlight on Me by Force.

    Why? ....


    Best In The World, Greatest Athlete of All Time and Mr.eWrestling in The Flesh is
    The Now and Forever!!!!

    #$$$$$$ #Depri$eIsAlwaysRight

    No Need to Fuzz The Transmission, Just Cut The Scene!

    *Archer Black sits in a secret surveillance room hidden deep within BITW, surrounded by monitors that provide the only light in the room. He watches the transmissions with interest, and a mischievous gleam shines in his eye as he looks on.

    Archer Black: Well, well, well... Looks like BITW is starting to get interesting. And my silly brother seems to do what he does best: run his mouth and make enemies. And this "Depri$e" guy... could be useful.

    *He takes out his phone and sends a message to Virgo Violet.*

    Archer Black: And now, brother... let's have a little fun.

    The Star Signs
    IWA - JBW - TWE - BITW

    Sagittarius Blue - 1st Ever JBW United States Champion


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