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    Quote Originally Posted by Poot-Hair View Post
    woohoo!! I have internet at the house for the first time in over a week! My to-do list

    1.) Check on wrestling news

    2.) work on promo assignments.............oh wait I didn't have any

    3.) Add bio to BITW bio thread

    4.) Go cry and weep in the corner because I didn't get a promo assignment

    Seriously guys, sorry I haven't been here the past several days but my internet completely fudged on me. I had to get a new router, and basically have everything re-wired at my house to get it to work. I text R(ob) several days ago and let him know so he could let Sam/Kash know so maybe I'm still wanted here lol
    Duh, you're still wanted you incredible asshat. I've had comp and phone issues the last couple days but all of that is fixed now on my end. I've been working on my four matches and Poot, I'll be sending you a PM soon on what we're going to be doing with WAR-LOCK for their promo dude. Other than that, all is well in my hood again. Phone and home internet are back up no thanks to AT&T being succubi like whores. But all is good, matches are being written and it will be GO TIME in just a couple of days fellas!!

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