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    A bus pulls up to a bus stop outside of an enormous arena building. A slim yet fit and trim man steps down off the bus... he has long, black hair; blue tinted shades; a custom hoodie; and from head to toe is clad in royal blue with black and white trim, with the sign of the archer emblazoned on the hoodie's front. Following him is a tall, thick woman wearing a pink-and-white velour sweatsuit - and bearing the sign of the fish on the right side of her sweater.

    The bus driver looks at them as they disembark. "You sure this is the place? Not many people come here..."

    The slim man unleashes a billion-dollar smile, and the ladies on the bus are glued to the windows just to see it. "That's because only a few people can come here..." he answers, trailing off. His companion smiles as she continues his train of thought: "The best in the world."

    The two look at each other, smiling, before turning to the driver and speaking in unison: "That's why we're here."

    The driver wishes them luck before pulling off. The two look up at the building before them, and the slim man speaks again...

    "The stars have aligned, sugar... and they want us here."

    The building has a large sign out in front that simply bears the words: BEST IN THE WORLD.

    The woman smiles. "I hope they're ready... we're gonna show them why we belong here."

    The two walk towards the building as the stars dance in the night sky above... where two constellations shine their guiding light onto the building...

    ... The constellations of the archer and the twin fish.
    Awesome read once again.

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