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Thread: Your Fave 5

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    wade barrett
    daniel bryan
    cm punk
    randy orton
    antonio cesaro

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    Kane (been a fan since I was 13)
    Justin Gabriel
    The Miz
    Dolph Ziggler - how will he look like he has killed himself today?
    The one man band Heath Slater, BABY. Wooo!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EclectikElectrik View Post
    Kane (been a fan since I was 13)
    Justin Gabriel
    The Miz
    Dolph Ziggler - how will he look like he has killed himself today?
    The one man band Heath Slater, BABY. Wooo!!
    welcome to the boards. someone else chooses justin gabriel!

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    Just gonna put my current faves, no reasoning.

    Antonio Cesaro
    Wade Barrett

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    1) CM Punk-Incredible Wrestler
    2)Daniel Bryan-Funny, Great Wrestler
    3)Sin Cara-Amazing highflyer
    4)Evan Bourne-Amazing highflyer
    5)Kofi Kingston-Does some incredible moves

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    CM Punk - Best wwe champion in years (my Opinion) the longest reigning champion since 2006 and he is only 22 days off equaling that he will be the longest reigning champion since Pedro Morales if he can get there!

    Antonio Cesaro - Best US Champion in quite a while was a big fan of his ROH days as well and his Swiss Death (European Uppercut) is just as impressive as ever.

    Ryback - Love or hate the guy he is on fire since he debuted this new gimmick .

    Wade Barrett - Even though i still think he hasn't done much since he came back i loved watching him in the IWW as Stu Sanders so this is a little biased.

    Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre - Technically this is my Fave 7 but collectively i am loving the 3MB gimmick!

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    My fave five ^^

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    1.Tyson Kidd - Puts on a solid match no matter the time limit given.
    2. The Usos - For me these guys helped me get interested in tag team wrestling again
    3. Antonio Cesaro - Purely Skilled Wrestler, nothing more needs saying
    4. Kofi Kingston - Always been a fan, would be interested in him having higher profile feuds to boost the prestige of the intercontinental Title
    5. Team Rhodes Scholars - Just a great tag team with a great future
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    Just Cena and Ziggler.I enjoy other wrestlers too but Cena and Ziggler are my favorite

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    Right now my favorites are
    Punk - been follow his work during IWAMS days
    Daniel Bryan - same as Punk been watching his early stuff and glad to see he made it to wwe
    Cesaro - been a fan of Claudio during his early days in Chikara way before KOW & BDK become famous and his feud with Quack was awesome
    Sheamus - while I dislike his 18 second win at this year WM but he did proof he can wrestle in a length matches with the likes of Daniel Bryan and Big Show,its difficult to make crowd get into the match when someone against Big Show in my opinion.
    Rey Mysterio - despite multiple knee injuries he still can go at full speed,and never if not rarely botch(hope I'm not jinx it),still relevant and exciting luchador in WWE.


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