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    Recap of Tara on MTV's "Made"

    Interesting episode of MTV's Made where Deanna Washington wants to become a pro wrestler..... despite never having heard of TNA, or Victoria, she is somehow a huge fan of wrestling and lists Trish Stratus as her idol... a woman who feuded with Victoria 3 times in her career 0.0

    Tara/Victoria shows up at Deanna's door to surprise her, but Deanna has no clue who she is (ouch...) Tara explains how she got into wrestling and that it is a tough business to break into.

    Tara meets Deanna's mum, who doesn't believe she is a wrestler, she thinks she's actually a model. They go to an empty ring arena and practice some moves with Velvet Sky and some guy. Tara was surprised by how well she was doing and invited her to watch a TNA live event, where Velvet defeats Angelina.

    They do some more training before Tara tells Deanna she is going to get a TNA tryout match. Deanna says she has never watched Impact before, and Tara tells her she better watch this week's.

    Her family watches the show with her and isn’t impressed. They say it isn’t a sport. Her sister says she wouldn’t let her daughter watch it. Her mom says it’s not dignified or ladylike; it’s trash. She says they’re acting like savages and a man that likes that is a “porn fan”. It’s low life. Her mom was expecting the violence, but not the trashiness. She says she won’t go to Deanna’s tryout.

    Deanna is upset about it and Tara consoles her. At the tryout Deanna wrestles Tessmacher, with Al Snow, Robbie T and Robbie E judging her wrestling (ironic, eh?). Tessmacher highly criticises her, as do the judges, she doesn't get a contract.

    Deanna decides she doesn't want to become a wrestler and wants to be a personal trainer instead. Tara is upset and asks Deanna if she really wanted to wrestle or if she just wanted the TV fame, she says Deanna is living her parents' life and not her own.


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