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    Quote Originally Posted by THE HEARTBREAK KID View Post
    Swagger is talented, has everything you would want a wrestler to have.. BUT, he lacks charisma badly, I'm sure many find him boring including myself, his gimmick is.. well it's just another great wrestler that's basically his gimmick, everyone loved Angle because he changed it up, he showed he had a lot of charisma and was funny as hell when he was doing those skits with Austin and Vince, I can't see that happening with Swagger.

    He's to talented to see wasted but until he has a change of image or gimmick I can't see nothing changing, will he be champion again? Yes.. In TNA, that's my opinion.

    More than anything the problem lays in him being a Kurt rip-off, yes it was fun at the beginning but now is just tiresome and since Kurt is not with them, it seems like they are trying to put a Kurt-like guy (not phydsically but mentally) and show him as him not having what it takes to survive.

    The man can deliver in the ring, no doubt about that, just need to find what really works for him, Hell why not give him a manager? The manager doesn't have to talk all the time for him, just key points, his first match with Ryback was not bad, the second one sucked but in the first one it seemed like he could hang with him at least for 2 minutes before they decided Ryback go all t-1000 over Swagger.

    So maybe at some point he will go back tot he title scene but it is going to e a good couple of years before he can even get close.


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