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    Will Jack Swagger ever be a World Champion Again?

    I am a huge Jack Swagger fan, I feel that his wrestling ability is very underrated. He has had great matches with The Undertaker, John Cena, Christian, and even Matt Hardy back in ECW. When Jack Swagger was getting into his World Title reign people were calling it bland, and uneventful. I believe the reason this happened was because after Jack Swagger won the World Title he lost some of his cockyness. A lot of the matches Swagger should have won he lost, He should have beat The Big Show clean, he should have beat The Undertaker in some fashion. I mean you just won The World Heavyweight Championship you shouldn't lose to guys like John Morrison, or The Undertaker right after. Finally when Swagger's Title Reign seemed to be picking up he lost it to Rey Mysterio. Now this is what got me during his feud with Rey Mysterio he showed some viciousness such as putting him in the ankle lock and dragging him into the arena. I wondered how come they didn't have Swagger do that and let him beat Mysterio with the Ankle lock as a way of showing the intelligence of Swagger.

    But I feel if Swagger is built up the right way, start winning hard fought matches and maybe getting a little more vicious people can take him seriously. I wouldn't mind him being one of the few superstars to start The Royal Rumble at no.1 and making it near the end, maybe the last 3 showing people he has endurance.

    Do you guys think Swagger can be World Champion again? Do you guys want to see Swagger be World Champion again? I sure do.


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