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    Does Hardy have one more big spot left?

    So tonight Hardy takes on AA in a ladder match for the TNA's World Title and Hardy's shit-face title.

    Hardy is known for his crazy high-risk spots across WWE and TNA (feel free to post some clips). With the buildup for the match mentioning Hardy as a dare devil and a stuntman do you think we will see one of one of the last classic Hardy ladder spots?

    Personally, I'm not sure if TNA will take the risk of Hardy getting hurt so I don't think we will see a holy shit moment. Even if they do not plan on keeping the belt(s) on Hardy, he one of their biggest draws and having him out for a while could hurt TNA's bottom line. At least we can reminiscent...

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    i dont think it will be a HOLY SHIT moment (due to risking hurting the best money maker) but he may do a good few spots in the match, but knowing hardy he wouldn't mind taking a huge spot cuz hes boss like that

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    Are they back with that belt now?

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    I don't see why not.. I can't see Hardy resisting the chance to deliver another Holy Shit moment, he lives for the moment and plus Hardy in a ladder match without that one crazy moment.. would be a real shame, should be a great match though and I'm not even a TNA fan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    Are they back with that belt now?
    It's not purple, though! At least when it was purple it was over the top hideous which made it kind of cool. Now the strap is black and it's just hideous.

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    They spent more money on that one than on the other belts....may as well get some use out of it!

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    I hope TNA didn't pay for it. I would have rather them trade Amazing Red's contract to the belt maker for that piece of shit.

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    I am expecting something nuts out of either AA or JH tonight can't wait!!

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    And I hope they give some sick commentary as well, I'd mark out!

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    no he is just one big spot away from getting alittle hurt and back on drugs.


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