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    Are there people here familiar with this game or actively playing this game?

    I'll give a brief summary for the people unfamiliar with this game.
    You are basically owning your own club and you have to develop youth/buy players to get to the highest division possible.
    There are no 'real' players in this game, it are all fake players you are dealing with.

    This is what is on the site:

    Your primary job is to secure wins for your team, finish high in the league standings and earn promotions.Ultimately you might get all the way to your country's top division, where the best teams will qualify for international tournaments where they will be match up against the best teams on the continent.

    - To become a successful manager you need to master many aspects such as:
    - Setting match winning tactics.
    - Improving your squad by buying and selling on the transfer market.
    - Making investments in your youth and training set-up.
    - Keeping a solid economy for your club.

    ...just to name a few of the most important things.

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