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    Quote Originally Posted by anon316 View Post
    im surprised nobody has made the brad maddox/garrett bischoff comparison either
    Because that one had time in between it. The Garrett Bischoff / Maddox thing isn't something that hasn't been done before. And it is something that is okay when enough time passes by before you see it again. I actually liked TNA's deal with Garrett better than Maddox in that TNA did it as a way to get a new wrestler (and I use that term loosely) out there by means of the angle. With Maddox, they used him as a way to get out of a poorly booked spot. Garrett gained some notoriety at least from turning on Immortal whereas Maddox was tossed out there to waste his 15 mins of fame (which I hope doesn't happen because I think he shouldn't be sacrificed for WWEs poor booking decisions)

    But the reason it isn't being mentioned is because there was over a year between the two events occurring; not 4 months like with the Affair angles.

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    yes i do see your point about the time span but i cant help but feel that if it had been the other way round it would be a case of tna just copying the wwe and not being original. kinda off topic slightly but i dont like any of this punk/ryback angle at all, its been last minute every week from the start with cena being unsure if he'd be fit for hell in a cell or not and then not knowing how to have punk beat ryback without making him look weak. this in turn weakened punk i feel as he how gone from a 'respect' angle heel turn to whiny p.o.s heel turn who has to pay a ref off to win.

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    Probably coincidence, but I'm sure Maddox also mentioned making an "impact" too

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    Isn't imitation the sincerest form of flattery? Why is this even a thing?

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    It's War

    Look I could be wrong but WWE copying TNA storylines, TNA saying WWE on air etc and even vince watching a TNA intro and declaring WWE could do it better. It's war

    Now why would Vince try and top TNA if he didn't see them as a threat or as someone he is at war with. Just because he knows TNA can't beat WWE (right now atleast) doesn't mean he isn't challenging them.

    Thoughts ?
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    If anything he realizes that TNA has been doing things that work well and is copying them and actually believes he can do it better!

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    I win my bet.

    Oh and:

    Same thing really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabers View Post
    If anything he realizes that TNA has been doing things that work well and is copying them and actually believes he can do it better!
    This ^ wrestling is always copied in some way, and Vince will just believe that some of the things they have done, WWE could do better.

    It's not War because TNA can't really do anything about it.. they just got to stick to what they are doing and the WWE will do what they are doing, wrestling is always the same thing slightly changed.

    It's hard to come up with something when 90% of storylines have been done somewhere.

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    WWE and TNA have been taking shots at each other for a long time man. This is nothing new.
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    Good lord, save the women and children.

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