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    I got to thinking. I have met a few friends from the interwebs and had real life interactions with them. Some were good and some were just nuts; but you never know until you know, right? My question is this... If you could meet anyone from the EWN that you have had interactions with thus far, who would it be? Why would this person be someone you'd enjoy meeting in real life?

    My list would be the following:

    Robstar: I wouldn't mind kicking it for a day with the Aussie. He has the laid back nature that helps conversations flow easily.
    Iron Ape: Honestly, I think my IQ points would rise just by sitting down to a plate of sushi with the man. Intellect always breeds interesting conversations.
    Dr. Death: I got on this site for my love of Pro Wrestling. This man has more wrestling knowledge than I can aspire to possess. Discussions of wrestlers from years past would be awesome.
    Bodom: Just to see if he's really purple - To which I think he is.
    akbar: Seriously, akkie has good opinions on most topics I get into conversations with him about. Interesting person to say the least.

    I honestly could keep going. Most of the people on here are pretty cool and very funny. I just named the first few to come to mind and was wondering more of what you guys' thoughts were. Would you even be willing to meet people from the net if given the chance? Does the idea sound so farfetched that it isn't even worth answering? Ultimately, I am just bored and the topic crossed my mind, so I figured I'd pose the question.

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