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    Thumbs up A William Regal and Wade Barrett feud

    With Wade Barrett and William Regal's involvement in the Big Show and Sheamus feud, I have two question I would like to ask. The question I pose to you all is, would you be interested in a feud between Wade Barrett and William Regal? Also, do you think this feud can boost Wade Barrett a little more?

    In my humble opinion, a William Regal and Wade Barrett feud would be great to see just for Regal to put over Wade Barrett similar to how Regal put Dean Ambrose over greatly in FCW. William Regal is technically sound in the ring and Wade Barrett is also solid in the ring so the in-ring work from these to would a joy to watch. Wade Barrett can also use a feud right now and Regal is a perfect option for Wade Barrett to feud with at this time.
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    I'd love to see it, it could definitely put Barrett over good. I would however like to see them team together or have Regal manage Barrett for a while and then lead it into a feud.

    Regal's not in as good shape as he has been (well, he never has had an incredible physique in all fairness), but he can still put on amazing matches.
    I'd love to see this happen.

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    Meh. Regal didn't get way over like I thought he would in the UK. They were louder for Barrett. If they had a feud, they'd have to have it culminate in the UK because I have a feeling North America at large(not just the IWC) will never give a crap about Regal at this point.

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    A normal tv match yes but a feud no because Regal/Daniel Bryan didn't happen

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    I put in the other Barrett thread that was started earlier. I would like to see Barrett turn into a face now, and after WM him win the title. Have a little bit of a run as a face and then have Regal come out and start saying how he is an embarrassment to England and himself, slowly turning Barrett heel and then having him align himself with Regal. The same way Punk and Heyman are now.
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    Not too sure about that little "onesie" number Regal is sporting in that pic, but OT: I'd rather they collaborated than clashed. But hell, I'll watch Regal anyway, so yeah OK!

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    I'd like to see Regal get another title run before he's too old which is the only thing that would put me off seeing him fued with Barrett at the moment. I'd rather see Wade feuding with Cena, Orton or Sheamus and leading towards getting him a top title one day soon. That said if the two of them did find their way into a feud I'm sure it would be awesome.

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    Doesn't matter what kind of shape Regal is in he is just brilliant in the ring!

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    I would love to see this. William Regal doesn't have many years left in him. I think he deserves a 'reward' push to the top for awhile in a top notch feud. Something Mark Henry and Kane have both experienced in the last 2 or 3 years now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDevilsAdvocate View Post
    I would love to see this. William Regal doesn't have many years left in him. I think he deserves a 'reward' push to the top for awhile in a top notch feud. Something Mark Henry and Kane have both experienced in the last 2 or 3 years now.
    A lot of people have actually been saying this. However, it will largely be ignored by those in a position to hear it. Too bad, they are missing an opportunity. Big Show is getting a WHC bid now, and he isn't as good as he once was, if he ever was. Regal should have this opportunity too.
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