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    Who do you want to lose at Turning Point Roode, Storm, or AJ

    Loser or person getting credit for the loss does not get a title shot till next year BFG. Who do you want to see take the loss?

    Roode would be the person I would go with. I think he's to the point he does not need the world title to get over. Plus you can kind of feed off the no rematch clause with Aries and him still being screwed. Lastly if he can not be world champion I would love to see him fued with Joe for the TV title.

    2nd choice would be Storm. I can see Storm winning the BFGS and Roode being the champion.

    AJ would be my last choice. Mr TNA. I think its good business to always have him availble when needed. Plus I would really like to see him face either Aries or Hardy for the title.


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