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    Who do you want to lose at Turning Point Roode, Storm, or AJ

    Loser or person getting credit for the loss does not get a title shot till next year BFG. Who do you want to see take the loss?

    Roode would be the person I would go with. I think he's to the point he does not need the world title to get over. Plus you can kind of feed off the no rematch clause with Aries and him still being screwed. Lastly if he can not be world champion I would love to see him fued with Joe for the TV title.

    2nd choice would be Storm. I can see Storm winning the BFGS and Roode being the champion.

    AJ would be my last choice. Mr TNA. I think its good business to always have him availble when needed. Plus I would really like to see him face either Aries or Hardy for the title.

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    Honestly I am tired of James Storm in the Title Picture.

    I get that Big E Langston dropped the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP Bo Dallas out of all people? WTF!

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    Roode its going to be that much sweeter when he wins the world title back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AWrestlingGod View Post
    Roode its going to be that much sweeter when he wins the world title back.
    Oh yes it will be great!!

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    It's going to be Roode but I'm not a fan of the stipulation in the first place. It just better not be AJ!

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    my pick is aj styles

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    I think AJ/Roode will lose to only win the BFG series 2013 to become WHC Champion at BFG 2013...

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    storm should have won the belt after roode in the cage match but i would go with either roode or storm i want to see aj more in the main event why? because i'm sick of jeff hardy already he was okayish in the wwe main event with triple h but first the thing with anderson and then the immortal angle and now again i just don't like itXD
    Damn I need a better catchphrase

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockstar83 View Post
    Honestly I am tired of James Storm in the Title Picture.
    Because he had such a big title reign

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    Roode. He's hold a title for long enough, and it'll be nice to see some fresh guys in the picture. Nothing against this guy though, he's a sick heel.


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