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    Which wrestler in the WWE would thrive in the Attitude Era.

    I was watching a CM Punk Stone Cold interview where they were basically promoting the video game. When CM Punk noted that he would thrive and be one of the top stars and even WWE Champion in the Attitude Era. Which leads to my question which wrestler in present day WWE would thrive and be one of the top stars in the Attitude Era.

    You have guys like Sheamus, or Wade Barrett who are brawlers and can probably fit into the Hardcore-Smash mouthed style of the Attitude Era. Our maybe even John Cena who gets the most split audience reaction in the history of the WWE, would that be any different in the Attitude Era.

    In my opinion it would be Daniel Bryan his music and entrance alone gets pops every time he walks out. I can see his Yes! No! gimmick very over in the Attitude Era and in a Era so focused on wrestling he can very well rise to the top with the likes of Chris Jericho, and Chris Benoit.


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