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    Thought about sheamus

    I was thinking today about the chances that sheamus wins his title back at suvivor series and realized that the wwe would be silly to put the strap on a guy who just finished up on the fourth longest reign with that title in the 10 years it has been with the company. After a while though I realized that they need to keep him relevant and push him towards being the second top face in the wwe today. randy orton in my opinion still holds that honor, but with his recent actions it seems obvious they need to push sheamus to replace him. So here is my thought have sheamus get screwed over at survivor series by wade barrett (I know how cliche) have sheamus boot big show, dolph ziggler cash in mitb, and sheamus feud with barrett and the miz for pretty much the entirety of the next calander year. this solves many things IMO, one it makes sheamus still relevant and it stops him from looking like cena version 2. I wouldn't mind him facing the champion from time to time or even winning the championship after a long stay away from the strap, I'm not a hater I just thought it might be nice to have something different in the title scene for a while. what do you guys think?


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