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    Masked Wrestlers - Are WWE Missing The Boat?

    I really have no idea why WWE isn't putting more guys in masks. For starters, you increase the possible longevity of a guy if you debut him under a mask - he can later either be unmasked in an angle or much more easily repackaged if the persona doesn't take off.

    WWE really shot themselves in the foot not keeping the Colons under masks, as they were in FCW. And now it could be too late to revert to that, though I'd still love to see it.

    With the upcoming returns of Evan Bourne and Hunico, I'd love to see both these guys return under masks, with new names, possibly affiliated. There's huge storyline possibilities to having Bourne wear a mask only to unveil himself at a later date. And Hunico we all know was a better Sin Cara than Sin Cara. Whack Comacho in a mask and you have yourselves a stable/team/faction even.

    As we have seen with Rey and Sin Cara and Kane, the increased marketing possibilities of masked wrestlers are surely a goldmine. I really do wonder why WWE is seemingly ignoring this opportunity to utilize something that I think, would be nothing if not advantageous for them in every way.

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    They've apparently been having Ricardo compete under a mask, as El Local; but I doubt that'll take off.

    Though, I hope they bring more in.

    I hope they pick up Samuray Del Sol and a few others and they'll be set as far as small masked wrestlers; and put a few more larger people in masks.

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    i think they should put alberto del rio back in a mask.

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    Kharma under a mask .. nobody willl know a thing

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    i think they should also bring in a guy with a painted face, it always goes over with the younger auddience and they dont really have anyone like that at the moment. Sting, Hardy, Warrior, Road Warriors, Vampiro all (mostly)successful painted face superstars. I think it gives a mystery factor to them that sells if done correctly.

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    i think wwe should have kept the mask on hunico, making him a heel masked wrestler, it could get really interesting, or wwe should hire a big powerhouse wrestler from mexico and mask him and make him heel

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    WWE did the wrong thing in unmasking Hunico IMO. I was all for him being an impostor Sin Cara, but couldn't they have had a spot where Sin Cara would remove Hunico's impostor mask only for there to be another mask, a Hunico mask under it?

    Trent Baretta under a mask would be cool to see.

    WWE have given Amazing Red a tryout, how about having him come in under a mask?

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    John Cena & The Miz vs Juan Cena & Calgary Kid


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