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    Taken for granted.

    So it seems a vast majority of the IWC, believe the same thing I have without a second thought since 'Raw 1000'. That Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson will become the WWE champion at the Royal Rumble.

    Although it because hard to dispute any different train of though by the so called 'intelligent fans', with The Rock and CM Punks' slowly simmering feud escalating since the CM Punk heel turn involving The Rock on the aforementioned night, that The Rock will become the Champion on that night,

    But with the now seemingly regular late changes to Raw, Vince Mcmahon dictating the twists and turns of Raw as it happens, and the 'active crowds'' apparent influence on the happenings, it's certain that nothing we expect to happen can be taken for granted, even if the surprises provided are lackluster.

    So this has led me to thinking the only seeming viable alternative to this, that Cena and Ryback will lose at Survivor Series, the feud between them all with continue will continue sporadically with The Rock getting involved wasting away the Raws until the match. Yet what if The Rock doesn't win, A DQ occurs due to interference, more than likely by John Cena, escalating their feud, and Punk retains the title?

    Personally I think it would be a wise move, as then even with one of the matches on the WM29 card being a rematch, the CM Punk match on the occasion will have more of an attraction value to it than it would with him just being another top name, as if that happens, his match would be not too much more anticipated than that of say Randy Ortons' just for example. Where as if he retains they get a WWE title match presumably against Ryback, and the likely vengeance of John Cena against The Rock, showing the flower of the seeds planted way back last year.

    The Elimination Chamber following is always an ideal way to continue feuds before more than two people and I'm sure it would be and ideal way to keep; Cena vs Punk, Cena vs Rock, Rock vs Punk, and Punk vs Ryback all going at the same point.

    So do you think that this would be a viable or even better option? What does everyone else think?
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    I was just thinking last night of all the ways they could do it minus a clean win at rr for the rock. a dq finish like you pointed out would work.... I would really enjoy a clean win for punk.... and the rock to "earn" his way back in a elimination chamber number one contenders match.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
    I would really enjoy a clean win for punk....
    My thoughts are mirrored right here, although I stated that it will be a DQ in my predictions, a clean win would seem to give Punk a bit more of the 'Champions Credibility' than he seems to hold currently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Validity View Post
    My thoughts are mirrored right here, although I stated that it will be a DQ in my predictions, a clean win would seem to give Punk a bit more of the 'Champions Credibility' than he seems to hold currently.
    I'd also like a clean win for Punk, but I don't think it's going to happen.
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    IMO, a rock heel turn after a loss at royal rumble would be a REALLY entertaining storyline

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    I guess Rock will lose after the interference of John Cena turning Cena into a heel...Rock meets Cena at WM where Cena will win (using his chaingang Chain)..n cement him as a strong heel....

    Royal Rumble will be won by DB he goes forward n feud with Punk n wins the title form Punk at Wrestlemania...we got a new face there...

    post WM, Punk n Cena will form a mega powers...feuding against probably DB and a face Miz..
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    I have never believed that Rock will win the WWE Championship unless he can show up to every show until he drops it he doesn't deserve to win it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alcrissam View Post
    IMO, a rock heel turn after a loss at royal rumble would be a REALLY entertaining storyline
    It will be really bad for his movies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sahu View Post
    .........turning Cena into a heel.......
    100% obvious, this won't happen

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    The ONLY reason I'm okay with (and I believe he will) The Rock winning the title at the Rumble: HUGE publicity for the WWE, in a positive way. The Rock is a legitimate, massive A-list movie star. Him carrying the WWE Title to talk shows, movie premieres, and on Raw for a few months leading to Wrestlemania, could really do wonders for the ratings. If we have to sacrifice the title to a part-timer for a few months, there is no one better than The Rock. The new and returning fans might tune in to watch the People's Champ, but they might keep tuning in for months to follow for guys like Daniel Bryan, Miz, Sandow, Ziggler, etc.

    I think NOT putting the strap on the Rock at the Rumble is a big-time missed opportunity.

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