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    Sandow wont last long in wwe

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    I have no problem whatsoever in putting Sandow's singles push on hold while he tags with Rhodes. Same can be said for Rhodes too.
    They're working great together and are entertaining.
    Let them work together I say.
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    At least he's not wasted like Tyson Kid or Justin Gabriel or Curt Hawkins...he's on every week and is still entertaining....

    WWE is building Cesaro, Barett, Kofi n Ziggler at the moment...n next turn will be Sandow n Rhodes..until then Sandow is in Tag division which is getting more time these days...n what way to rehash tag teams than putting two of the most entertaining guys into one team???

    I hope some how they bring back Cryme Time...I would like to see Cryme Time vs Rhodes scholars.....

    Also, personally i want to see a one on one feud between R-Truth vs Sandow...

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    I do not get why ppl are down on the Tag Team Division. It use to be under mid card yes but now it is full of some of the top mid carders that they have. The fact that you are even talking about the Tag Team Division is a win for the WWE. There was a time when you gave a shit less about it. I havent cared for it in YEARS and right now i am really looking forward to it. Being in a tag team should never mean you got "downgraded" And cant wait for when the Uso's and Ascension are ready to hold up the division.....also if you cared for Sandow as much as you say you would WANT him to be Tag Champ at some point, so that may be on the list of those that pulled off the Triple Grown

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