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    Raw in Birmingham

    I was in the crowd last night and I was really impressed with the reactions from the crowd. I really thought that the way the crowd were in line with the current storylines was brilliant, as I have thought the crowds have been a bit dead in recent years in the UK. There were points where the crowd were a bit down but that happens every week... This has made me think, do you think it is about time they brought a PPV over here and have a whole week (PPV, Raw, Smackdown etc) in England? Not necessarily a big one, but maybe a mid level PPV to see how it goes? I think it is time!!

    On another note, Danielson made a huge impact last night with the fans. Before, during and after the show he got cheered and I haven't seen anything like it since "what" as a chant that is for 1 person but generic throughout every feud!

    cheers guys!

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    I agree with a PPV. The three hours definitely got the best of the crowd though. My mate was there, so when i mentioned the fact that "feed me more" was being chanting A LOT in the first two hours and he seemed well over, but then they looked dead for the main event, he stated that everyone had lost their voice or was visibly tired. Many in his section were standing for a while and eventually most sat down. He did say that the crowd was hilarious during the Cena/vickie segment (which was great to watch on TV - crowd definitely made that segment)

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