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    Quote Originally Posted by Automatic View Post
    For those outside of the perimeters.

    I wonder if this is a continuation on the dirty curty character or a completely new gimmick.
    And that confirms it. I'm 100% sure that's Curtis. That's definitely his voice in the promo and you can tell from the haircut too. not to mention the fact that he's been using that gimmick as of late.

    Quote Originally Posted by MachoManFan View Post
    I was on the way back from a piss break and thought this was just an advert for some new show on Sky. Fandangoo is such a stupid name but if anyone can pull off this gimmick it's Curtis and I'm pleased he's finally getting called up to the main roster. I'll wait and see.
    I HATE people cutting people down before they've even seen the guy.
    IMO, give Curtis a chance to run with this. We'll see where it leads.
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