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    Who will replace Ryback?

    OK, biggest thing is the Survivor Series changes. No more Team Punk, it's been "demoted" (says Punk) to Team Ziggler. Who is Team Foley going to get to replace Ryback? I was thinking Brodus Clay when I saw them have a match between him and Barrett on RAW, but he put up so little challenge that I don't think it would be believable. Who's possible that could actually be taken seriously? Khali? Maybe.

    But what other face is there in WWE who doesn't have a match (or at least a likely match) coming up at SS who could replace Ryback AND fit into a potential storyline? There's a chance for some returning star to come in and make a showing, start up something. My two main picks if they decide to go this way are either Christian or Jack Swagger.

    We haven't seen Christian in a while, and this would be a good time for his return as a face. Swagger, though, would be awesome. If they bring him back as a face, especially considering that Ziggler is the head of the opposing team ... their history would make this a pretty interesting match.

    Your thoughts? Who are they going to get to replace Ryback?

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