View Poll Results: The next biggest face?

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  • Randy Orton

    2 9.09%
  • CM Punk

    3 13.64%
  • Sheamus

    5 22.73%
  • Rey Mysterio

    0 0%
  • Ryback

    12 54.55%
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    Three words FEED ME MORE!!!!!!

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    cm punk, sheamus and mysterio are all mid 30's and will start toning down careers soon, don't see any of these guys being the big faces of the wwe

    randy orton doesn't want to be it, his rko from nowhere got over for while before his lazy promo skills killed his momentum

    Ryback is good now but since he is vinces next top guy, odds are fans are gonna turn on him in a while when he starts headlining all the ppvs, dominating the world title scene for long periods of time and burying anyone put against him

    the obvious choice is ryback but a wildcard choice would be seth rollins who i'd wager will have a huge, Cm Punk circa-2006 style following when he gets to the main roster, the will cheer for anyone put in the babyface role and he's already IWC darling

    sorry for the rant


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