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  • Alex Shelley

    6 20.69%
  • Jay Lethal

    5 17.24%
  • Eric Young

    11 37.93%
  • "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero

    7 24.14%
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    Most underused superstar in TNA's history

    Is it Jay Lethal, Eric Young, "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero, or Alex Shelley?

    I personally believe that the answer to this question has to be "The Pope" simply based on the fact that out of all these guys he is the most charismatic among them. He is also on par if not better then these guys in the ring, I'm not gonna say definitely better because all of these guys are great in the ring. But the fact is that "The Pope" is the best superstar on the TNA roster to never win a championship in TNA. The fact that this man has never been a champion in TNA is a complete misuse of talent. Imagine what this man could do for the X-Division or the Television Championship? Samoa Joe is doing a great job, but before Joe the title has been a whose who of unimpressive champions. Booker was forgettable, AJ I had to wikipedia who won, Nash, Foley, Eric Young, Rob Terry, AJ Styles, and then a list of people not even worth mentioning. In that long list of nobodies your telling me "The Pope" who was doing nothing couldn't bring credibility to that title? I do think though that these other three guys all should've been given a legitimate shot at the TNA title because they were all victims of TNA's crap booking from there time in the company especially Lethal and Shelley.


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