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    Wrestlemania 29. It's Fantasy Booking Time!

    Welcome everyone! This is my first post on the forums but I have lurked for a considerable amount of time now. I have been a wrestling fan for almost 20 years now and "smart" to the business for around 10. This post is purely a self-indulgence of fantasy (and I mean fantasy) booking in the build up to Wrestlemania. Don't worry though, I'm not going to make matches that aren't a realistic and viable option. The big one is less than 5 months away and, as much as I love some of the talent in the developmental system and NXT, I don't believe there is enough time to debut a new Superstar/Diva and get them over to the point of the fans wanting them on the card. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let's get into the meat and bones of it shall we?

    Pre-Show:- Gauntlett Match. Ryback vs Jobbers Throughout History.

    I may get a little heat from this but it's what I'd like to see the most. I'm not sure if 'Taker would trust him in a Streak vs Streak match and Lesnar and Big Show are tied up elsewhere in my card. Once Ryback steps back from the title in preparation for the Rock's Rumble title shot, to regain momentum, he will tear through the midcard and current jobbers. In an act "to stop that beast once and for all", Jack Swagger goes on a recruitment mission to get as many of the old school jobbers as he can to try and redeem themselves on the big stage by "being the one who pins Ryback." I would say 8 or 10 including, Brooklyn Brawler, Virgil, Doink, Blue Meanie, JTG, Santino, etc.

    Opening Match/Curtain Jerker:-
    Fatal Four Way Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Rhodes Scholars (C) vs Prime Time Players vs 3MB (Drew & Heath) vs New Age Outlaws.

    Without the big multi-man spectacular of the Money in The Bank match at Wrestlemania anymore, this would be the ideal way to both get young, exciting talent on the card as well as continue the good work done so far to raise the profile of the Tag Titles. I fully expect DB & Kane to feud with Rhodes Scholars through to TLC at least leading to the latter seizing upon the final great blowout of Team Hell No. (More on that later) I also see PTP and 3MB continue to get a push. The NAO are in there to bring the nostalgia pop and help put both the straps, and the youngsters over.

    Match Two:- Singles Match for the Diva's Championship. AJ Lee(C) vs Natalya.

    I think when you think about it logically, this one has the potential to write itself. With Beth Phoenix having left the company, there are very few capable wrestlers (as opposed to models) left in the womens division. With the obvious exception of Paige (Too young to be promoted) and Buggy Nova/Skylar Moon (Personal demons) in developmental of course. Centre the storyline around (get ready for this as it will blow your mind), WRESTLING. Get them on the mic slating WWE's cookie cutter model policy and complaining that women like them who can actually wrestle don't get the recognition they deserve. Simple.

    Match Three:- Retirement Match. Wade Barrett vs William Regal.

    I am going to make no apology for trying to get some British talent on the card as a Brit myself. William Regal is arguable one of the most talented wrestlers that has never worn a top World Title (I think he won the new ECW title once). As a thank you for the years he has put in getting the younger talent over and helping them develop, give him his big Mania match with an opponent of his choosing. Book that Regal's failure to ever "win the big one" sets a bad example for young British stars. Regal would take great offence to that "insolent little pup" Barrett and put's his career on the line to prove that he "can still go with the best of them Sunshine!"

    Match Four:- Falls Count Anywhere. Daniel Bryan vs Kane.

    You guys can see where I'm going with this. Already these guys hate eachother. Have them finally fully blow up costing them the tag titles at TLC. Eliminate eachother from the Rumble and have shenanigans in the Chamber. Fuel it to the point that the Smackdown GM comes out saying enough is enough. No physical contact till Mania but once there knock yoursleves out. Kill eachother.

    Match Five:- Triple Threat Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship. Rey Mysterio (C) vs Miz vs Kofi Kingston.

    I'm not going to go into massive detail with the ins-and-outs of booking this match, however, I would like to see Kofi turn heel by then, possibly after R-Truth accidentally costs him the title and Kofi explodes with rage. Have them feud briefly till the Chamber then focus on getting "his" title back. Simple.

    Match Six:- Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Dolph Ziggler(C) vs Randy Orton.

    Sadly, I think they will hold off on an Orton heel turn till after Mania so in the mean-time, have him go after the best salesman in the business, Dolph Ziggler. Expect to see Dolph hold off till the Chamber to cash in on an exhausted monster Big Show after dominating and even kicking out of an Orton RKO. Orton gets pinned for Show to retain. Ziggler comes out to taunt and faint the cash in, when out of nowhere, BOOM! RKO from Orton who then walks off and lets Ziggles cash in. Orton, the next night on RAW! states, "I scratched your back, now scratch mine." and asks for a title shot at Mania. Big Show will be tied up with this...

    Match Seven:- Singles Match. Big Show vs Undertaker (or Lesnar)

    This is a pretty big assumption that 'Taker will even do Mania this year. With Michelle McCool having had their first child this year and having reached the nice round number of 20-0, it's frankly highly unlikely. This being the case, sub in Lesnar and blow-off the storyline with HHH at Summerslam. Have show continue his tear as a monster, shutting down a returning Mark Henry in the process. "I have beaten everyone there is to beat now, except him ('Taker)" etc. Again simple stuff.

    Match Eight:- Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship. The Rock (C) vs John Cena vs CM Punk w/Paul Heyman.

    Here it is, your main event. You guys already know all that has transpired so far and with The Rock's upcoming title match at the Royal Rumble, it's hard not to see this coming. Super Cena wins the Rumble from early on with the motivation of not holding the "real" title in almost 2 years by this point. (Remember, his title was unified with Punk's real and original one.) Punk's anger at being placed in the middle of the card, even as the WWE champion, leads him to hitting sneak attacks on both Rock and Cena. A third spot in the match goes on offer in the RAW! chamber match being taken by Punk and helping preserve the "once in a lifetime" tag from last year. I'd like to see Punk go over but realisticly, it is likely to be Cena to make amends for last year.

    So there you go folks. I am aware that I have left out Jericho and HHH however, I just can't see where to slip in a match between the two as I don't want to exhaust the crowd a la Wretlemania XIX. Thoughts? Opinions? I welcome them all.

    Dark Savior,

    Dead Metal

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    Shameless self bump.
    Your Dark Savior,

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