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    What if Ryback wins the rumble, with the massive push Vince gave him won't be crazy to think he could face Punk at WM, leaving the Rock vs Cena to be without the title, they don't need it the draw

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    I love the Royal Rumble, it has been my favorite event since it debuted on cable television. Unfortunately, it has become too predictable. They rarely have 10+ more wrestlers in the ring at the same time. I loved the 40 man except for the winner. Keep some mystery in the match, don't let us be able to predict the winner so quickly.

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    the rock will not win at rr. someone will screw him lesnar i think

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    Quote Originally Posted by stone cold bruiser brody View Post
    I'm voting on Stone Cold. Punk is going to still be champ after the RR. SCSA makes a surprise entry at 30 and wins sending him to defeat Punk at WM to become the new WWE champion! BAH GAWD!

    I'll post my answer that I posted in the other thread like this one.

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    I don't think randy can win it because if he's going to face ziggler at wm or tons turning heel.... ziggler will not be a face during his imminent title reign

    If rock was to beat punk then I could see john cena winning at ec to set up a rock-cena title match at wrestlemania. So not cena

    I think its going to be a face therefore I think it could be undertaker or Bryan although I'm going left field and going with a r-truth win setting up a r-truth v Orton/Ziggler match
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    Undertaker, Cena, Ziggler, Orton or Brock will win the RR.

    First, I think a Taker/Punk match would be the best ME title match they could do. Punk would be credible enough to MAYBE Beat the Streak.

    Now, I wouldn't be surprised if they held Cena from getting close to Punk until Mania, and having him win the Rumble to set up the ME.

    Think of the possibility, Ziggler, who still hasn't cashed in the briefcase going into the Rumble, wins the Rumble and challenges the WWE Champion Punk at Mania, he wins the title from Punk at Mania, and cashes in his briefcase to win the World title against either Sheamus, Show, or Orton to become the Undisputed Champion.

    Only way I think Orton wins the RR is if Ziggler is the World Champion at the time of Mania.

    And finally, Brock winning the Rumble. Brock vs Punk at Mania with Heyman as the guest referee. Who will he side with? I could also see Brock vs Rock as well.

    Now, this is just a gut feeling. They might take the title off of Punk before Rumble, which would be a mistake. I think that they might want to hold off on Rock vs Punk until WM, and the only way that is going to happen is if either a Punk loses the title or they come up with a situation where Rock gets "injured", maybe by Brock? Then, whoever is GM or Vince, tells Heyman that he knows Paul told Brock to do it for his client Punk, but that Brock won't be protecting the title for Punk, in fact he might be taking the title from Punk at Rumble. And have a Punk/Brock match at Rumble. OK, I am going off of far off plans, just rambling whats going off of my mind.
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    I'm saying John Cena to set up Rock vs Cena 2. It snot exactly unpredictable, but does it need to be? Not always.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pumpkinhead View Post
    What if Ryback wins the rumble, with the massive push Vince gave him won't be crazy to think he could face Punk at WM, leaving the Rock vs Cena to be without the title, they don't need it the draw
    I think Cena vs Rock II needs the WWE title on the line in order for their rematch to be more meaningful. A rematch between Cena vs Rock with the WWE title defense is more significant than another Cena vs Rock match without the WWE title and it will likely draw more.

    But, if WWE has a different plan with the WWE title picture heading toward Wrestlemania 29, than I would totally love to see CM Punk headline Wrestlemania 29 with the WWE title since it would be the first time he headlines Wrestlemania.
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