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    Can see Cena winning it, but would love Barrett to be headlining wrestlemania!
    Efed stuff that doesn't matter

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    I lied, it matters.

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    Prediction: Ryback

    Hope: Barrett

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robareid View Post
    I think it's going to be Wade Barrett's year this year
    I would rather predict Orton winning it for the second time...

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    Id love to see angle return that would be the most shocking return ever, i like watching royal rumbles with rvd in but i think neither will return

    My choice is wade barret emlimnating cena for the win
    Hawow welcome to city wok take ur order pwease

    shitt spent time smoking weed am nervous

    pass the ball to pagey hes on his game tonight

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    I really really hope Ryback does NOT win it. He's getting his spotlight now, but I don't think he's earned a title match at Wrestlemania. The top two singles matches at Mania should be filled with top guys who can flat out go and put on an epic match. I'm enjoying Ryback's moment in the spotlight, but he shouldn't be fighting for a Championship in early April. I personally think that would suck.

    I'd like to see The Miz win the Rumble. He's done his jailtime in mid-card-ville for the R Truth drop. He's too damn good at his job to not be in the top-card. My second vote would go to Barrett.

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    CM Punk will win, its all he has left to do

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    Barrett hopefully, Cena can still headline Wm 29 without winning the royal rumble he always gets title shots without earning it anyway

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    Dolph tries to cash in and loses,then goes on to win the royal rumble.
    Orton hears a who

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sicksnuff17 View Post
    Barrett hopefully, Cena can still headline Wm 29 without winning the royal rumble he always gets title shots without earning it anyway
    Earning what?

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    I dont know why people keep saying Barretts going to win it?Wouldnt u expect whoever wins it to challenge The Rock for the wwe title rather than the WHC.(providing Rock actually wins the title).So I think Cenas almost certainly going to win it.However what I would do to try and keep it unpredictable is have Daniel Bryan win it.Then he waits until after E.Chamber to decide then he goes after the WHC becasue Sheamus has won it back at E.CHamber.Bryan would want revenge for the 18 seconds.I think thats a rematch that a lot of people want to see as we didnt really get a Wrestlemania match between the 2.I would also have Bryan win and make more of a face vs face match.


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