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    Lightbulb 2013 Royal Rumble Predictions

    Even though we are nearly 3 months away from the event, I feel as though WWE will not get 'good' again until the RR.

    Below you will find my time killer of this morning, a play by play of the Rumble match (followed by the Main Event of CM Punk vs Rock).

    Please ignore it if you wish, I'm really only interested in what you guys want to see/predict will happen. Leave your predictions below!

    *What it will take to impress me at the Royal Rumble*

    1. Ryback
    2. John Cena
    3. Tensai
    4. Heath Slater
    5. Jinder Mahal
    *Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal eliminated by Ryback
    6. The Miz
    7. R-Truth
    *Tensai eliminated by Ryback
    8. Titus O'Neil
    9. Zack Ryder
    *Titus O'Neil eliminated by John Cena
    10. Kofi Kingston
    11. Brodus Clay
    12. Big Show
    *The Miz, R-Truth & Brodus Clay eliminated by Big Show
    13. Antonio Cesaro
    *Zack Ryder eliminated by Antonio Cesaro
    14. Daniel Bryan
    15. Kane
    *Kofi Kingston eliminated by Kane
    *Big Show eliminated by Ryback

    16. Rey Mysterio
    17. Randy Orton
    18. Sin Cara
    *Sin Cara eliminated by Daniel Bryan
    19. Darren Young
    *Darren Young eliminated by Kane
    20. Wade Barrett
    *Ryback eliminated by Wade Barrett
    21. Santino Marella
    *Santino Marella & Rey Mysterio eliminated by Kane
    22. Alberto Del Rio
    23. Christian
    24. Damien Sandow
    25. Sheamus
    *Wade Barrett eliminated by Sheamus
    *Sheamus eliminated by Antonio Cesaro

    26. Jack Swagger
    *Jack Swagger, Damien Sandow & Christian eliminated by Kane
    27. Justin Gabriel
    28. Cody Rhodes
    29. Mark Henry
    *Justin Gabriel, Alberto Del Rio & Antonio Cesaro eliminated by Mark Henry
    30. Brock Lesnar
    *John Cena eliminated by Brock Lesnar
    *Kane eliminated by Mark Henry
    *Mark Henry eliminated by Brock Lesnar
    *Cody Rhodes eliminated by Randy Orton
    *Randy Orton eliminated by Brock Lesnar
    *Brock Lesnar eliminated by Daniel Bryan

    *WINNER* Bryan Danielson

    I got bored. So assuming CM Punk vs Rock is last, and hopefully no legends take any spots, this would be an entertaining Rumble match at least for me.

    The few exceptions I would make to a RR appearance would be Jericho, Batista, RVD, Morrison, MVP, a Hardy, Angle, etc.

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    I think it's going to be Wade Barrett's year this year
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robareid View Post
    I think it's going to be Wade Barrett's year this year
    I can really see it tbh and he will challenge more than likely Ziggler at WM.

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    Putting my money on Ryback.
    I'd rather have nothing than have a lie.

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    Yeah going with Ryback as well. Maybe Cena.

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    Wade Barrett.

    Sheamus or Orton will probably have the WHC. Barrett vs Sheamus or Orton at WM for the WHC.

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    I'm going with The Miz. He'll turn face, win the Royal Rumble, face Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight title at Wrestlemania 29 and win the World Heavyweight title. I'm calling it right now.
    Quote Originally Posted by John Cena rapping on Paul Heyman
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robareid View Post
    I think it's going to be Wade Barrett's year this year
    I would rather predict Orton winning it for the second time...

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    Id love to see angle return that would be the most shocking return ever, i like watching royal rumbles with rvd in but i think neither will return

    My choice is wade barret emlimnating cena for the win
    Hawow welcome to city wok take ur order pwease

    shitt spent time smoking weed am nervous

    pass the ball to pagey hes on his game tonight

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    Daniel Bryan will not win the RR match. I think at Mania, Daniel Bryan will face Kane

    At Wrestlemania the matches for the WWE and WHC will be :
    (I don't see anything else happening)

    WWE Championship
    The Rock vs John Cena
    The Rock vs John Cena vs CM Punk

    Dolph Ziggler vs Randy Orton
    Dolph Ziggler vs Randy Orton vs Big Show
    Dolph Ziggler vs Randy Orton vs Alberto Del Rio

    So, the guys above (except ADR) can win the RR match, nobody else in my opinion.

    My pick is Randy Orton (or Ziggler is he fails with the MITB)


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