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    I am also going to the show mate and I am also buzzing to actually see Raw live. Been a fan since I can care to remember but never been able to get tickets until tonight's show!!!! Just a bit of heads up. I looked on the arena website and it says that the show finishes at half 10 so Raw will be kicking off around 7. I am getting there around 5 for merchandise an dark matches... Also is it sad that I have taken today as holiday off work??! I am too excited. Have a good night, pal!
    Awesome, I've been a fan since like 1997, so I am really excited to see a live raw, it's great that it's a supershow so everyone will be there too! I think I will be getting there for about 5 as well, where are you sitting? I'm in block 12.

    Thanks for all the well wishes and advice guys, will definitely enjoy it!

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    In with the gods I think but not too far back. My mate has the tickets so can't think off the top of my head! Have a great time mate!


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