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    How A Batista Return Could Work in the PG Era

    I have been thinking about that and I think I have a pretty interesting idea. Now note this is only an idea not a prediction.

    Okay so here is how the return would start, there would be promos of a return of a "Beast of epic proportions" to thwart the fans from around TLC to Royal Rumble, John Cena is in the rumble at number 29 and about 15 minutes there is no one new even though there has been about 5 eliminations. It's down to John Cena and Randy Orton, they go at it to the out side of the ring and yeah they went under the second rope so no eliminations. Orton propped Cena on the barricade the fans are roaring and Orton could feel the adrenaline flow as he slams Cena's head down on the mat with Orton's signature DDT.

    But as he did that the timer went from 10 to 0 the lights went out and once again the promo for Batista plays this time revealing it is Batista returning then his theme plays every fan is screaming in amazement as Batista runs out to the stage beating his chest with his left hand. Dear god I am getting goosebumps from writing this lol. Anyways back to topic, Batista runs from one end of the stage to the other getting the fans even more excited than they were before. He walks down to the ramp and kicks his leg out doing his signature machine gun like taunt with the fireworks and the crowd is going insane with excitement, he runs into the ring and taunts at Orton and Cena to get in the ring.

    Cena goes in first and trades punches with Batista but The Animal over powers the face of the WWE and gives him a spinebuster, he then picks up Cena and throws him over the ropes but Cena holds on to the top rope, as he tries getting up Batista hits a Spear to Cena and Cena gets eliminated from the match. Orton is slithering around the ring like the Viper he his waiting to strike, Batista was feeling more pumped up as Orton slides in and attempts an RKO but Batista picks him up at a half way point and puts Orton on his shoulders with him looking at the ceiling of the arena. Batista positions Orton and hits a huge Batista bomb onto Orton, the fans start chanting "Batista! Batista! Batista!" he gets up and stares down at Orton squirming in pain, Batista lifts him up and throws him over the ropes getting that second elimination, Batista is the winner of the Royal Rumble! The fans are cheering and Batista is getting on the turnbuckle doing his taunts as the show ends.

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