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    What wrestlers do you want to see feud until and wrestle at Wrestlemania.

    Every year around Survivor Series people start thinking about all the ideas and matches they want to see heading into Wrestlemania.

    Last year I believe everybody was really excited and looking forward to see a Jericho Vs Punk feud, which delivered in every way. Now that Survivor Series is around the corner what matches or feuds do you want to see leading up to and at Wrestlemania.

    For me I would love to see a Wade Barrett Vs Sheamus feud lead to Wrestlemania. I know there wrestling a lot recently, but I believe this feud can lead to a match at Wrestlemania, and is something a lot of people would want to see.

    Also Daniel Bryan Vs Kane, Also Rey Mysterio Vs Sin Cara, and Antonio Cesaro Vs Kofi Kingston are feuds and matches I would want to see and could be really exciting.

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    Wade Barrett vs Sheamus

    Gogo Barrett!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joonny View Post
    Wade Barrett vs Sheamus

    Gogo Barrett!

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    I think justin gabriel vs antonio cesaro could be an interesting feud... I'd like to see ziggler vs orton as well.

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    I know it's a long shot but id like to see Daniel Bryan vs Jericho at mania

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    Love to see Ziggler get into a meaningful feud with someone. The time is running out on that briefcase...


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