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    Lightbulb What you'd like to see in TNA

    Hey, new here.

    Personally, I think TNA should get their talent to do talk shows gigs, spread the word on the product, get them a little more noticed. I would enjoy seeing more EY, serious or non-serious, I don't care, but more matches from him (I realize he's busy with fishing shows, but I'd like it if he was in A&8s). If the Knockout Division would return to it's former self, that would be good, but until then they should discontinue to KO Tag Titles. Aside from that, I think they're doing pretty damn good. I myself have no real issues with the product.

    What do you dudes think?

    Sorry if the topic's not original, didn't see anything like it. I'm new, sue me.

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    I'd like to see Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjaminn


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