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    WWE: two wrestlers you see putting on a 5 star match if given the chance?

    So with the current wrestlers in the WWE, which two wrestlers do you see putting on one of the best wrestling matches if given the chance to? It can be two wrestlers you are a fan of or two wrestlers who you feel are skilled enough to put on a match of the year candidate.

    I'm gonna go with Daniel Bryan vs Jack Swagger in a 30 min ultimate submission match. Both wrestlers are amazing in the ring and I can see them working very well in a 30 min ultimate submission match. Let these guys structure out this match themselves and they'll give us something special.
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    Nice thread!

    I'll go with Christian and Punk, TLC match.

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    I'm going to go outside of the "technical wrestler vs technical wrestler" box. Sheamus vs Wade Barrett, given a proper build and a PPV match.

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    I would like to see Tyson Kidd put on a 5 star match one day with a top level star like Randy Orton or Daniel Bryan. That would be a match to remember in my book.

    If done done right, like the Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler in Bragging '10 it could be a match that people would admire and even compare to a top level match like it was when it was put on the same level as the Undertaker vs HBK at WrestleMania.
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    Ziggler and Bryan

    both put on great matches in the mid cards, a main event match would be nothing short of 5 star

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    I would say Punk and Del Rio but I think they did before and it wasn't that great.

    other than that Kidd and anyone really.

    Baretta and an escalator.
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    Cena and Punk, they put on the last 5 star match at MITB for the WWE and could do it again.

    Rey and Cara could depending on if the WWE would let them go all out and Rey's status.



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    Wade Barrett vs Sheamus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Los Conquistador View Post
    Ziggler and Bryan

    both put on great matches in the mid cards, a main event match would be nothing short of 5 star
    Thats my Answer , i think these 2 could have an amazing match

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    Tyson kidd vs justin gabriel for a title at a ppv in a ladder match this would be epic, even one of the two against kofi kingston aswell
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