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    IGN's top 50 wrestlers of all time

    Hit and miss. Shame, cos Fowlers an intelligent guy.

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    It was a good list in my opinion. He hit #1 dead on :-)
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    A list including Rob Van Dam, Rick Rude, Great Muta in the top 50 wrestlers of all time is great in my opinion. Shawn Michaels is no.1 no one should argue with that. Good seeing Chris Jericho, Roddy Piper, and CM Punk in the top 20.. Though Piper should be in the top 10 I like the list..

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    I didn't say it was a bad list or that I disagree with it over all. Big Show isn't top 50 material. He can't call him one of the best big men of all time, put him on such a list and omit Bam Bam Bigelow. Larry Zybysko, Sgt. Slaughter (both for the intensity of their heel personas) and Dean Malenko's absences are glaring. Any of them could be substituted for Goldberg.

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    Surprised to see Cena so high on the list. I thought he'd at least be ranked in the 20's or something.

    I honestly thought Hulk Hogan or Bruno Sammartino was going to be #1.
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