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    Question TNA Gutcheck - Christian York

    And we are back sports fans TNA Gutcheck is upon us again. This week we have well known Indy star Christian York.


    Ring name(s)
    Jason Spence

    Christian York
    Billed height 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
    Billed weight 215 lb (98 kg)
    Born April 13, 1977 (age 35)
    Trained by
    Cueball Carmichael
    Julio Sanchez
    Debut December 7, 1996

    2012 PWI Ranking

    Highest Ranking 128 in 2001.

    Performed for: 3PW, ECW, ECWA, NWA-TNA, OVW, ROH, UWF & WWE.


    I thought he had a very good showing and could be used very well in TNA i think he was the second best guy on TNA Gutcheck since Joey Ryan.


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    If I was a judge here would be my breakdown of him:

    Good ring shape
    Unique look
    Has a personality

    Some of his moves looked lazy and slow. He needs some fine tuning.
    His age might be a factor, depending on how much work he needs to get over and polish up his ring skills compared to how long he can actually be used and his body will hold up. Could be a bad investment time vs actually marketability wise.

    Vote: Yes

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    I like him, he has a good look I will give him that, Because of his age I would e real happy if they said yes and just skipped OVW all together with him and brought him straight up to the main roster
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    I think he would be a great addition to the X division. I thought he was Joey Mercury at first.

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    I'll go with Playboy's set up.

    Experience fact in the business
    Currently in shape to be on TV
    Seems to have a fire lit
    Loved the Half-Nelson German he pulled off
    Good chemistry in the ring with a recent X-Division champ
    Put on a solid 5+ min match without blowing up

    Looked sluggish a few times (The forward flip Pele)
    Age is a concern - Will he be an Austin Aries who gets over in a year or less?
    How long will it take to get him Impact Live ready - Can he go week to week?
    What's his cap? Outside of being in the X Division, how can he be used?

    He is the first one I can honestly say I have a full out "Yes" reaction to, but he does have a few setbacks that would determine how long I would sign him for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweet Pea View Post
    I think he would be a great addition to the X division. I thought he was Joey Mercury at first.
    He tagged with him for years on the indy scene.

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    I vote yes, he has the look and pretty impressive match with Ion, age dosent matter .. Look at Kid Cash and Sting

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    Yes I don't see him being world champion, but the X-Division need some new talent and he took the former x-division champion to the limit so yea.

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    Yes, give him a shot. They don't have to sign him for the next 10 years. Bring him in if he gets over give him a push. If he gets really over give him a X Division title shot. I don't think I would put the title on him. Still he could freshin things up. Nothing else put him in a tag team.

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    I missed it on tv last night, but watched it on Youtube today. I really liked this guy towards the end of the original ECW (yes he is technically an ECW original if you go by that). I so wanted to see this guy go to either WCW or WWE back than, but he didn't. Now he has this shot and I thought his match was really good. Not stellar like a Main Event, but better than most of the Gut Check matches in past months.Hopefully they don't vote no and bring this guy to the main roster. I also think the TNA Front Office could use his expertise as a tag team specialist to help build up the somewhat weak Tag division (personal opinion). Or they could put him in a feud with Kid Kash. Personally I think starting him off in a feud with Kash would be a good program.


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