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    Quote Originally Posted by #BITW View Post
    how many times does cm punk need to retain against cena?
    That's sorta the whole point of their feud. Punk is doing everything he can to beat Cena whether it's through fluke victories and wants to duck Cena as much as possible because he knows if he faces Cena once more, he'll likely lose his WWE title. Why not have their feud on a bigger stage like Wrestlemania?

    what would be the point of rock vs cena 2?
    I already stated that Rock vs Cena II for the WWE title is to gain more media interest and ratings with Rock being the WWE champion going in to Wrestlemania 29 this time.

    hes already on top of the ladder and it wouldnt push him anywhere...
    That doesn't matter. The objective is to gain more interest around the WWE championship and Rock vs Cena II for the WWE championship does just that. I don't really want to see Rock vs Cena II headline for a second time in a row and would love to see Punk vs Cena headline for the WWE title but it will be something that more casual fans will look forward to.

    fans would hate him even more. take more time away from younger talent. pointless.
    Fans are going to hate him regardless. Doesn't take away from the fact that whenever hes involved in something, it's likely to get more interest.

    cm punk vs rock rematch at wm29, now theres a guy who use a push.
    I really don't think Punk vs Rock for the WWE title as the main event for next year's Wrestlemania is something that will gain more interest than Rock vs Cena for the WWE title. Not a knock on Punk but that's the way I feel.
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    I've been out of the loop a bit lately due to having class monday nights, Hulu showing half the show and WWE systematically removing all full Raw shows off of Youtube. Plus I don't watch Smackdown. However, the things I enjoy:

    Hell No - however, if the point is to make us think that they're gonna end it at any given moment (ie, what happened at HIAC) they're doing a good job.

    On a related note - Daniel Bryan: I remember when he won the contract then became a jobber. Then he won the title and has been firing on All Cylinders. Not really sure at what point he finally got over with creative, but suddenly, he's become one of the top guys in the company, as well he should be. They should've let pushed him higher when the YES thing took off, however.

    The Tag division: However, this is literally only because they've paired up all the higher-end mid-card singles wrestlers and merged their names together. That's not really how I wanted the division to be rejuvenated; I wanted actual tag teams. Cody and Sandow, Sin Cara, Ryder, they've all gotten seemingly lost their chances at having deserved singles runs.

    Big Show: I can't comment about the aftermath of HIAC cos like I said, I missed it, but even though I've been ambivalent towards show ever since he was the Giant, he and Sheamus put on a hell of a show. Dude went out there looking like Mark Henry did when he beat Orton for the WHC, but Sheamus also looked like a million bucks. That was excellence in storytelling. Sheamus losing is what put the exclamation point on the match. But Shows win was wonderful. I'm happy for him. Even if it's to lose to Ziggler, at least he was given one last title run.

    Zigger - I've loved ziggler for a some time now, but he's never been over with the general audience. I dunno if it's cos he has Vickie as a mouth piece, or he still loses way more matches than he wins, despite his godly talent. I love him on the mic. I want to see him there so bad. Even if and when he wins the WHC, he's just gonna job it to orton or sheamus anyway.

    Cena - Yep, because I miss him shoved down our throats and would prefer it to Ryback. This whole thing with Vickie and Dolph though... it's almost as if they're giving him a test run on the mid card level while Punk is handling the main event scene. Guess we'll see.

    The IC title - Miz and Kofi are on their way to making the title mean something. The feud over it is interesting and they've had some good matches together.

    Things I can't stand:

    Creative: They've spent the last year and a half not quite sure what they want to do, resulting in horrible inconsistencies and other idiotic moments.

    Ryback: I. Fucking. Hate. Ryback. Literally, all he says is Feed Me more, and has two minute squashes. Even goldberg by this point had become something of a legitimate presence. Ryback is still just a gimmick.

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    SaggleB is in the building rep Toronto Canada

    i finally registered today to be come a official member

    i had to make a comment to this post.

    the best thing going right now is Antonio Cesaro, d
    Damien sandow , I think forming Team Rhodes Scholars is going to do wonders for Damien when he finally turn on Code Rhodes.
    Ryback is also good but i think they are rushing him too fast in the main event picture too quick this may back fire on them.

    Side Note
    Any Toronto fans planing a trip to WM29?
    let me know i am looking for some fans to roll with

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    I'm enjoying the commentary at the moment. JR and Cole are doing great on Raw and JBL and Matthews are working well together on Smackdown.
    It's just a bit disappointing that it'll likely come to an end when Lawler returns :/
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    Best parts:

    Possibilities for 3MB
    Limited Cena
    Intrigue of Ric Flair becoming the GM for RAW or leader of a faction against the PG era back to the Attitude era

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    I tune in to see Randy Orton.

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    Hmmm... This one is quite a toughy for me. Personally I am enjoying Kane and Daniel Bryan. For awhile now they have been the highlights of every Monday/Friday for me just by showing up on the screen. Even though I loved the Kane who was serious all the time I always had a soft spot for the Kane who cracks a joke every once in awhile and just acts like a complete bad-ass. Daniel Bryan complements Kane very well. It's like a sibling rivalry between those two.
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    Kane and Daniel Bryan and the rest of the tag team division is by far the most entertaining thing on Monday and Friday nights.

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    Things I like:

    NXT - So glad they re-formatted that show. Not only that, but I can see it becoming somewhat of a cult hit. I don't want to say ECW or ROH-esque, but maybe not something very far from that also. WWE's own little 'indy' show. I've always wondered why there's not more OVW stuff posted from the period that John Cena and Batista were coming up. Brock Lesnar tagging with Shelton Benjamin, that sort of thing. And the conclusion that I always come to is that the 'Powers That Be At Dubya Dubya E' (remember I said that) don't want to acknowledge pre-main roster gimmicks being exposed.

    Brodus Clay - What were you expecting? We've had a guy with a snake, a guy with a bird, a few guys who's thing it was to smash a guitar over people's heads; we've had pseudo stormtroopers, Earthquakes and Typhoons - Hawks, Animals, Ultimate Warriors and Stings. There's been Freebirds and Rockers, Expresses till the cows come home and about a million Giants. Pretend Russian psychopaths, pretend savage islanders, clowns of which some were midgets and a Guerrero in a chicken costume!

    Brodus is A-OK in my book.

    3MB - It's no secret that I like what WWE is doing with them. Whoever is behind it needs congratulating. It's not first string, nor second string in what will be your memories of this era. Think 2 Cool. Yeah you can remember them - but only if you try. (are they in WWE 13?)

    Tags - In general, at least there's been some effort. I think it's interesting to see the 'by the numbers' gimmicky teams (Cara & Rey, PTP) haven't caught on as much as the off center choice of partners. Kane and Bryan. Sandow and Rhodes. Hey man, no one can tell me the fans didn't turn Hell No.

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    Pluses for me

    - Antonio Cesaro
    - Ryback (shut it... I find him amusing)
    - NXT

    I was a fan a D-Bry and Kane but its becoming stale now, need to make an alteration.


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