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    I like watching WWE for:

    Ryback, watching him run through opponents every week amuses me.

    The Tag Division, which has made a great comeback, despite people saying WWE will never do it again.

    I like the Eve character, it's probably the best woman character that either of the two companies have running at the moment

    NXT is a high point

    WWE has a tendency to make matches people think are going to be terrible, come off good. Big Show vs Sheamus, for instance.


    Big Show. Since he got this iron-clad contract, he's been doing some of his best work. He looks like a threatening monster now.

    Also, Ziggler(Though he needs to do something more with his character), and Daniel Bryan/Kane.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
    4.) aj lee and john cena- robstar don't hate, aj lee is making john cena not run after the title while making herself relevant and keeping john cena in the spotlight it's what the iwc dreams about
    Don't be one of those guys. AJ isn't "making" any of those things occur - just like Cena doesn't "force his way" into the title picture or "make" them put him in the main event matches. These things are decided by others.

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    Ryback and Punk, tag team division and Barrett is what I currently find the best.

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    I love the use of legends, when they need it
    I love the revival of the tag team division
    I like how Kaitlyn might get her chance
    I love Sheamus and CM Punk!
    I LOVE that the worked alongside a cancer charity!

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    Kane/DB thing is pretty fun.
    New wrestlers getting title shots/runs.

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    I think you are right, the best part of brock lesnar being champ was that he had paul heyman as his manager which eventually led to him getting the role of smackdown gm which was exciting times in my opinion. Punk and heyman work well together punk is an awesome heel hes that good people still cheer for him his promo's are decent and his wrestling is top notch
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    Don't be one of those guys. AJ isn't "making" any of those things occur - just like Cena doesn't "force his way" into the title picture or "make" them put him in the main event matches. These things are decided by others.
    I'm aware it's not her fault.. I'm just saying her storyline... I think it's the writers fault... I give all credit to the writers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dubs View Post
    I agree.

    I would love to see CM Punk headline Wrestlemania 29 with the WWE title and take on John Cena to end off their feud but I guess Rock vs Cena II for the title seems logical.
    how many times does cm punk need to retain against cena? what would be the point of rock vs cena 2? hes already on top of the ladder and it wouldnt push him would hate him even more. take more time away from younger talent. pointless. cm punk vs rock rematch at wm29, now theres a guy who use a push.

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    kane/damien sandow... thats pretty much it til the rock or taker comes back. wwe is pretty lack luster and boring these days


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