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    What is the best part of the WWE right now?

    It's simple - I want to know what your favorite part of the WWE is currently. I don't care to know what you don't like, or how you would book it; just what you tune into see every week.

    For me it is simple.

    I love watching Antonio Cesaro in the ring. Dude is a hoss and I am impressed more and more I get to watch of him. When he picked up Brodus, I was set back as I didn't think he could pull it off. I also have to give props to Dolph because the man is just awesome to watch in the ring. He has a very bright future ahead of him and I don't mind watching him continue to learn and evolve in the wrestling world. And finally, Daniel Bryan is simply amazing to me. I have always known he was an excellent wrestler, but he is proving to be an awesome "Sports Entertainer" in that no matter what role he is in, he is always entertaining to me.

    How about you; what in the WWE suits your fancy?

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